1. When your banned. Making a new account doesn’t work. You’re still banned.

  2. That’s odd bc one of my accounts worked for a few days and then went? But thanks !!!

  3. I did all my referencing afterwards. But you need to create a bibliography first. This is a big list of all the sources you use in your essay.

  4. So say if you referenced a page in a journal article in the essay (eg pages 5-7) and then went on to reference something from page 48 but you didn’t use any of the pages between that, in the bibliography would you put down the journal article as a whole or do something like one reference for a particular page (5-7) and another for the other (pages 48)??? I hope this made sense

  5. Having different interests doesn't make them racist I agree, but what exactly is making you come looking for advice?

  6. Sorry idk why I didn’t clarify. It’s more to do with how do I get them to realise that it’s also up to them to educate themselves

  7. Join the club! The eyebags I have look like buttholes 😌

  8. Why do you care about letting your parents down? Sounds like they're already disappointed in you. They sound abusive, no need to care about their opinion.

  9. Because they’ve done so much for me and made so many sacrifices for me so obviously I’d want to be able to repay them for it/make them proud of me etc? Idk

  10. She needs to grow the fuck up. Don’t deal with her bullshit

  11. I agree. But it sounds like OP has been direct and asks him to call. And initiates calls herself. Setting time aside is a good idea but frankly it’s just stupid to have to BEG for a phone call from your significant other.

  12. I think I would maybe have felt better about it if he didn’t mention that he’s called his friends so often etc because I would have put it down to that being a way to deal with lockdown (I have bouts of not wanting to talk to people etc)

  13. It’s been ten years and he’s acting like a child.

  14. I’m sorry to hear that :( Please ask him about it. If he brings up you breaking his privacy, it’s probably to defend himself from anything dodgy he’s done. (I’m not trying to downplay someone invading someone else’s privacy)

  15. The fact that she didn’t ask you before hand is shit I’m sorry. Talk to her about it and if she doesn’t understand that it IS a healthy way to deal with grief then idk man. It’s not like your hoarding loads of your daughter’s stuff. On one hand I can see why breaking up with her is an overreaction but on the other, she hasn’t respected your boundaries especially over something so important. And that would make me thing, would she cross boundaries with other stuff. In my opinion, it was selfish of her to do. Talk to her about it and if she doesn’t try and help get it you back then idk man. How would she feel if you got rid of something precious to her?

  16. You need to add a flair to your post before submitting it.

  17. I’ve been going through the same thing! I also go to a private school but can’t relate/get along with people there. Maybe try to look at clubs outside of school to try and find various people (I say this but as someone who is untalented/doesn’t have many hobbies I’d find this hard lmao). If you do decide to make friends with people in your school, you may not feel as close to those people as you’d want to be/they’d just be acquaintances but anything is something I guess

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