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  1. Massachusetts is an incredible place to live and raise kids if you don’t mind it being insanely expensive. Honestly even though we’d find lower cost of living elsewhere I have no plans to leave.

  2. What are the best suburbs to live in Massachusetts?

  3. YOU NEED TO HAVE THE THREE YEAR OLD TAKE A 23&ME DNA TEST AND ANCESTRY DNA TEST! That will tell you who the father is.

  4. I'm wondering if she was planning on releasing them sooner, but the lawsuits completely derailed it and by then she wanted to release Midnights in time for the tour, so they got delayed?

  5. Also I think she wasn’t allowed to re record reputation for awhile because enough time had passed

  6. Versus the Oak Ridge fat fuck who wasn't born in jail, barely graduated yet still does the wp hand sign.

  7. The black rain frog has a perpetual frown that rivals any grimace around. This amphibian is only found at the southern coast of Africa, at elevations of up to over 3,300 feet, and its grumpy countenance might just be a result of how hard-working it is: it can burrow to create tunnels up to six inches deep. 

  8. “In from the snow, your touch brought forth an incandescent glow, tarnished but so grand…” also, that chorus!! “Oh, god damn, my pain fits in the palm of your freezing hand. Taking mine, but it’s been promised to another. Oh, I can’t, stop you putting roots in my dreamland. My house of stone, your ivy grows and now i’m covered, in youuuu” so can’t put into words how this song makes me feel, it’s perfection. Just perfection.

  9. On a December 2020 interview with Apple Music, Swift explained:

  10. He was there with his beautiful family (and I really mean beautiful- they honestly looked like little hobbits the lot of them, friendly-faced and doe-eyed.) Otherwise of course I’d consider asking lol.

  11. Florida Republicans are strategically cutting off information about sexuality and reproduction, which will increase rates of unintended pregnancy, while also limiting abortion access.

  12. Ball Homes is building HORRIBLY built homes everywhere in Knoxville & pricing them for $600,000+ it’s insane! The homes are so close together you can literally touch your neighbors & they don’t even have a backyard!

  13. It’s important that you feed your child, bathe your child, hold your child, get on the ground & play with your child. That is when chemicals in the brain are released for men & they become attached. Even though she’s young you can still hold her & read to her. It’s about creating tiny moments right now.

  14. Honestly you can buy it for that price and use it every weekend. But But Baby is having a massive sale and they have huge outdoor bounce houses for 80% off. Just buy it versus renting.

  15. Universal healthcare and universal mental health care. That’s it. Period. $900 billion in military spending and they can’t cover mental health care for the military. What a disgrace.

  16. This shit makes me want to leave this state I’m so fucking over living in a red state

  17. You need to call an ophthalmologist office and get in immediately. A retinal tear is no joke and requires surgery immediately.

  18. I certainly don't think a retinal tear is a joke, but given that all symptoms resolved after about a minute, can this still be a retinal tear? I'll call in first thing in the morning.

  19. It can still be retinal tear or it most likely was a Posterior vitreous detachment (PVD). Don’t wait to call first thing in the morning. When patients do that it can be frustrating because we have to work them into our schedule when they could’ve called the day prior so we would have a heads up. Call an ophthalmologist right now. DO NOT CALL AN OPTOMETRIST. Call an ophthalmologist.

  20. What is your closest paternal DNA match?

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