1. As others said I used VPN to watch WPL so probably same. Case for IPL

  2. For those wondering, he's explaining why they should practice Rameowdan if they want to enter pawradise

  3. Priyanka chopra wants to be in news emo Amduke ala chesindemo

  4. Cover temples in 1 day, you might actually like Birla mandir, jagannath mandir and try and add ttd jubilee to your list, it's pretty dope 👌🏼👌🏼

  5. manchi manchi kattubaatlu 🙏

  6. Was just a suggestion since they mentioned it in their list

  7. github and linkedin share cheyi

  8. kashmir mana desam ey kadhaa

  9. technology with highest pay is Yamaha 4.0 ani sunil annaww chepaadu kadhaa

  10. Honestly I don't think it's wrong, i was born in not so good month at some not so good time and yes it still effects my life or so I think. Muhurta balam as they say is indeed very strong. So no need to look down on it or make fun of it.

  11. em ra vaari antha pisa pisa maatlaaduthunav

  12. cameo unte highlight untadhi

  13. Charging petti switch veyadam marchipovadam.

  14. The best dish is dal with freshly made mango pickle with ghee - south indian style mango pickle

  15. akhila telugu sahasam ane cheppaali batch

  16. paina bajjilu chesindhi mari

  17. Nuvvu feel avvaku Anna, nee 40th bday Bangkok lo Bang chesi celebrate chesko

  18. nenu akkadi ki velli kuuda virgin la thirigocha ..

  19. i have a live recorded version too, the reaction was shown a second later.

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