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  1. Should’ve bought an authentic one and not a counterfeit fake 😉

  2. Don’t hate on the cheap jerseys. It’s how you ball at low cost 😤

  3. Are hospice transports why I got into ems? No. But, and I know I’m in the minority here, I do find them incredibly rewarding. Most of the time you’re helping to fulfill the patient’s desire to not die in a hospital, or to die surrounded by family. You get to provide comfort to the patient and their family.

  4. I understand the fulfillment and I have had a couple of calls that did that, however most of my transports are with people who are in so much pain or so close to death they don’t know what’s going on and rarely have family by them. It just seems like it would be better to let those people be at peace

  5. Part of the problem is that at least in my area these companies have contracts with the hospitals and we aren’t allowed to refuse a transport especially if that’s what the family wants

  6. Who would you least rather follow in a bathroom stall - Donald Trump or John Daly

  7. Trick question: after either of them go there is no more bathroom

  8. Just put up a 16 on a par 5. Worst hole of my life

  9. Would you look at that, my two favorite teams

  10. Watching him in Milwaukee he definitely reminds me of a young juice

  11. Not a doctor but a respiratory therapist: so I’m an emt for a private company that mostly does interfacility transfers and private emergent calls. So we’re supposed to pick up this guy who was on a vent (already not in my protocols) and this guy needs almost constant blind suction which company protocols prohibit at the bls level. This RT is trying so hard to get this pt out of the hospital that he’s trying to convince us that he won’t need suctioning en route for a 45 min transport. Not two minutes after he says this does our pt need suctioning. The pt proceeds to have a massive anxiety attack and the RT still wants us to take him. We ended up having to tell the hospital to call for one of our ALS squads to transfer this guy. TLDR: bad respiratory therapist tries to send vent patient with bls with no vent experience

  12. Do you have a home internet provider? If so with who?

  13. Agreed, I’m an emt and I keep a cpr face shield in my bag whenever I go out, just in case.

  14. I usually only listen to music when I’m playing by myself, and I’m wearing headphones. Kinda helps me zone out and just focus on the game and not anyone else. Occasionally I’ll play music with other people if they put it on.

  15. I was gifted alignment sticks and I found that they were very helpful for me. I used to be very inconsistent with my foot placement and that led to a lot of problems on the course. Of course with every product people are going to have varying results based on what your problem is, as well as how you use them. If you want to try an alternative before buying them you can just use another club in your bag such as your putter. Or if you happen to have an old tent pole lying around you could modify that. I would say that alignment sticks are very hit or miss with people who buy them

  16. I think it all really depends on the person. I for one get motion sick very easily and my first two shifts I almost puked. I’ve found settling into a breathing pattern when you start feeling nauseous is a good trick as well as staying hydrated. You also just get more accustomed to the motion. Additionally I’ve found cool air helps me whenever possible.

  17. “Just be better” -Literally every little league coach

  18. I always just hid in the office after sprinting upstairs

  19. Covid Transport. From an ER in a small town to higher level of care.

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