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  1. Oh, so the Democrats made you vote for Trump.

  2. Did the republicans make you vote for Harambe?

  3. I've already told you. I'm part of the, rest of the western world. Try and keep up.

  4. So you dont vote? Objectively worse. This is hard to keep up with.

  5. Come on man have some empathy Justin needs help right now I’m almost done setting it up I’ll send the link any amount helps.

  6. Serious question, do you need help? I only ask because now I feel a bit sad for you. I'm imagining that you spent the last 2 days absolutely triggered over your bad take. I've never seen someone harp on a post as much as you have... Maybe fantasy football aint your thing? That's ok, but don't beat yourself up about it so much! Its just a game!

  7. TLDR, so how much you gonna donate? I named it the aRah9 foundation btw it’s only right we name after the man who had such foresight.

  8. Your doing too much... Just take the L

  9. To trigger people. Well not just any people, people like you. And considering this sub has basically become a monument to Musk, id imagine he views it as a success....

  10. Whats the purpose of this sub? To bitch and complain about every tweet he makes? To literally just put a negative spin on every tweet he makes?

  11. Answer the original question first. Are you fine with an administration seizing a private businesses and its assets based on the a vocal minority being unhappy with the business owner?

  12. Vocal minority? My dude, as much as you hate it, we’re the vocal majority. And I wasn’t the OP of this thread, but sure, I’ll state my opinion. No, I’m not okay with the government seizing a business. However, totally fine with the government withdrawing all subsidies from one that is so clearly a national security risk. You honestly trust Elon with that kind of information at this point? I mean, I think so because I see you’re still licking his boots. He himself licks Putin’s boots, he’s on his knees begging Trump to come back, and he’s not even an American.

  13. I'm more concerned that people looked at this guy and thought "yea, I give a fuck what this guy has to say"

  14. Do you seriously not know what a rhetorical question is?

  15. What? You didn’t answer a question… you made a comment. To let him heal.

  16. *Japanese work culture enters the chat*

  17. Fantasy Managers dont want to hear it: but what Zeke is saying rings true for all unselfish football players. Sure, Zeke wants to be a star. But at the end of the day these guys play to win. Hes looking at a scenario where he can take less of a toll on his body, and have a better chance at winning in return... Its a lay up decision.

  18. What does 200% have to do with him landing on a defenders foot?.. Im confused.

  19. I have multiple times. He had too many touches according to the coaching staff. You’re ignoring every part of my point that would argue your narrative. Sit down dude.

  20. 22 rushes for 115 yards + 6 targets for 3 catches... Let me just run that back. TWENTY TWO RUSHES THE FOLLOWING WEEK... You absolute bozo. Let this be a lesson to actually look up what you are saying before you speak.

  21. Ok we will come back here after today and seeing him with Zeke. I will admit to being a bozo if he gets 20 carries again. You’re speaking out of your fucking ass dude, last week was the most touches he’s had in his entire football career, including college. So for me to say he’s not going to get a crazy bellcow role when they have any other option is not crazy. Go ahead with your insane recency bias you fucking goofball ass loser totally ignore any historical context to anything. I’m not even hating on Pollard, he’s obviously good. I’m simply making the case that him being a bellcow is not going to be the norm and this trade is not the lopsided dependent on team construction.

  22. What kind of morons upvoted this? Not only would it not be successful without him, the general market would have never ramped up EV productions to compete... You people are legitimately lunatics.

  23. Liberals: we are getting off twitter if Elon buys! After Elon buys twitter: most activity of all time…

  24. I know that when Musk tweets some words, your core is rattled and you are triggered…

  25. Imagine making an anti twitter TWEET… holy fuck these people are brain dead 🤣 they fall intTo musks trap every single time… most twitter activity of all time, tell me how twitters failing?? 🤣🤡

  26. The amount of ppl that flocked to Reddit to cry about this in the echo chamber is hysterical. It’s like clock work actually. This guy types some letters into a tweet, and half the countries weekend is literally in shambles. You ppl are going to be miserable to be around for thanksgiving. 🤣🤡

  27. So to clarify; people are now using twitter more then ever out of…spite? Weird flex but ok.

  28. How is it a huge stretch? You provided 0 arguments. I'm a director of engineering, what Elon is doing there is literally my job, and he's pulling out all the rookie moves.

  29. from the party of everything is a hoax we dont like.

  30. soo everything you dont like is bots... got it.

  31. And who would give him money next, is what I am asking

  32. I dont think thats what you are asking. You quite literally thought he purchased Twitter with money out of his pocket... Keep moving the goal post.

  33. Based on these comments; reddit is going to have a heart attack when Twitter doesnt shut down at the end of the month. (Fwiw, the general reddit consensus has already been claiming daily that Twitter is done for any second)..

  34. Between this bum, and kliff; these team is a joke. Staying away from anything to do with this offense, next season.

  35. This is the guy that was sexually harassing women right?

  36. Minus the whole predatory masturbation schtick.that wasn't funny...

  37. ppl are literally downvoting you for not agreeing with a sexual predator. lol, gotta love reddit. People on here will turn a blind eye for anyone they support.

  38. Unpopular opinion, but if they bought the property they can do whatever the f they want with it. If they can afford tearing it down and building a new house - good for them.

  39. Your right, doing what you want with your money/property is certainly an unpopular opinion on reddit. Just ask Elon Musk. :joy:

  40. I'll glad remind people that Rittenhouse is a cowardly murderer who killed unarmed people fled both murder scenes, ran past the cops, fled the state and the cops had to arrest the coward in the morning. If facts bother you then there is something wrong with ya

  41. Wait, reddit said that Twitter has completely fell apart and no longer works. 8 mil votes in 8 hours...

  42. The left did not go 'extreme' on Twitter. That's the lie that Musk and others (apparently including you) bought into. Banning hate speech, banning racism, and curbing COVID and election disinformation are not extreme concepts.

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