1. I don't quite understand what your first point is responding to? A second ago you were saying nothing matters because the people of the future forget about us anyway. Now you're saying the future is entirely dependant on what we do?

  2. See, I do not agree with that. Like I said above, why do you think the value of something depends on whether or not someone else cares about it? Why can't it have an intrinsic value on its own? If there is one guy and he is in pain, why would his suffering need validation from some other being to matter? Why would an alien not caring about the Holocaust make it not matter in general? Just because they don't give a shit doesn't mean the lives lost were worthless, why would you give them the authority to decide that. And you mention the "wider universe". Exactly what about the wider universe implies human life is insignificant? Because it's big and we are small? It's completely arbitrary to say size is what gives something value. Yeah the universe is big, so what? Why would that make us any less significant? Why would that say anything about our significance at all? You are naming these irrelevant things, like the attentiveness of strangers and the physical size of something, and acting like they obviously get to dictate whether human life has value. Giving the decision to take away the worth of life to these things, it's practically idoltry.

  3. Yeah, the accidental ally was supposed to be the guy who replied to me

  4. It's not super clear from the screenshot lol. I thought the one on top was meant to be the accidental ally, since it's phrased like the usual. Was about to be severely disappointed since I know you from Drawception as well haha.

  5. Didn't know what the fuck this was before reading the comments. The situation should be pretty clear to anyone older than highschool age. It's one mean kid bullying another kid that they think is annoying. It's not immoral to be annoying, but it is to mock and insult others unprovoked. That V1nce kid really needs to grow up and change his behavior.

  6. This is already how the show is? Obviously Jesse is not a woman but he does constantly save Walt's ass, and he does come up with some of the intricate stuff. When he needs saving it's usually because Walt screwed him over.

  7. This will be the dogs playing poker of our time

  8. i dunno, man, i don't think you have to be a republican to have plans for the fourth, you know? have some family over, eat some americana food, watch some flashy lights, if any of that's your thing. i mean, sure, being all patriotic and shit's kinda weird and certainly a red flag, but that's not how most people actually celebrate, in my experience.

  9. Nothing wrong with a little patriotism either. Fly your flag, play your anthem, eat your national foods, celebrate your country's independence. Patriotism isn't the same thing as ultranationalism.

  10. Or maybe you would be like that kid in Polar Express

  11. Disney is in no way "forced" to promote anything. If anything, the execs hate stuff like this, and what we do get to see is what the show creators had to struggle to put in.

  12. Meme website where you pair a GIF with sound. It spawned popular memes like What Is Love, Chacarron Macarron, Sparta Remix etc.

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