Better Call Saul S06E12 - "Waterworks" - Post-Episode Discussion Thread

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  1. Mance and Stannis talk when the wildlings surrender to Stannis though

  2. Mance isn't one of the 5 kings tho, its : Rob, Stannis, Renly, Joffrey and Baelon Greyjoy

  3. Put her on the iron throne and be done with it. THIS is the kween we need! Yaaaas

  4. I feel that the lack of locations outside of kings ladning (Winterfell, Wall, Esos..) and lack of ,atleast initially, moraly pure characters (Ned,Jon,Rob,Dany,*Tyrion..) gives it this empty feeling.

  5. When i realised it was only in the lab to feast on the remains of Howards corpse.

  6. In the first episode when i saw he let his son live a miserable life full of people mocking him.. a good man would have ended his sons suffering instead of beating up some poor kid.

  7. In the books they aren't even friends and hate eachother from the start

  8. Why did they hate eachother? I get if they didn't get along due to the age but what other reason did they have to not like each other

  9. The book the show is based on is written more like a history book of events that unfolded. It doesn't go deep into characters motivation. Their main source of conflict at this point in the story is Alicents marriage to her father, and it only grows from there.

  10. Jade Idol. Was it a problem powerlvl-wise? No. But the design... I hate the fact that it was ever a thing. (And that we get more cards like it with ignite)

  11. But why? Shouldn't it just fire once at the hero like it does with the normal mage hero power?

  12. Bru kan's hero power is worded that the 6 dmd goes face, so it is fired once, at all enemies, meaning for each enemy 6 to the face. It works this way with reckless and hunter hero power too.

  13. So he was IN THE LOOP for bad poosy

  14. lmao Rhea saying that "there are fates worse than death" seems absolutely hilarious now

  15. A minion that is returning is the tier 5 *5/8 (was 4/8) divine shield windfury quillboar with frenzy of gaining divine shield again. Not sure what is getting removed for it.

  16. it is ? man I missed that ! do yiu have a link ?

  17. You don't even need to wintrade. Just being in a party of 4 in discord for example giving heavy advantage: 3/7 of your fights you can set up your boards to get maximum profit. You can give info about enemies board. You can aggressively level together. You can choke dangerous heros together. Much easier to get into profitable place for all the party. And extremely profitable if all players boost one

  18. Not possible. Parties are dissabled passed 10k.

  19. it seems he lost to patches. He's big but not that big. APM Pirates would beat him. Exodia pirates too, if the guy had chadgar and baron golden.

  20. Exactly! It was apm pirates that were big, but it was close, a 45% on both sides, i was just low on hp and since i didn't get the discover from the buddies my engine was just random battlecries.

  21. Just a visual bug becouse of greybough hero power stats interaction. The combat played out as it should, stats were calculated corectly they just werent displayed properly

  22. my tip is generally don't force builds, (although funny enough at lower mmr that actually might be a right thing to do). Doomsayers and frogs are very strong but if everyone else is doing it already and doing it better then you, don't try going for the same build as them since you can't realistically catch up, they are already way ahead of you.

  23. I only usually avoid quilboars (outside of the tier 3 2/4).Getting bloodgems to buff dragons with whelp smuggler is good , or divine shield units in general, so bloodgem generators are still good, but the quilboar tribe stuff is much weaker now. Also i very rarely go menagerie this patch, even tho it was my favourite build in prior patches.I go pirates pretty often, but i recomend not touching them untill you find a hoggar or two.

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