1. Omg I fucking hate her necromancy because I want to loot the bodies without having to go through the effort of killing them again so serana can't revive them for their low tier loot anyways

  2. Adachi, although his motivations were a bit incely I feel the twist was pulled of way better than Akechis. Also I view Akechi of more of an Anti-hero rather than a villain despite him doing some abhorrent things Royal somewhat redeems him. Adachi he's a villain through and through

  3. Might have to grind a bit it depends on how you play. In every playthrough of P5/Royal I have never had to grind once however I have had to grind in P4G. Also inactive party members to not gain exp like in P5 so they can usually be underlevelled. I have a level 50+ party currently with a level 25 Chie and a level 35 Yosuke

  4. I've seen how dependant some of my friends have gotten on it. Classic denial when they say weed is non addictive but can barely go an hour without having a smoke. Yeah no thanks I'm not getting like that

  5. They finally weighed up the pros and cons between death and your workplace conditions.

  6. Master Sword puzzle is way harder. I used to be able to do it without a guide back on the wii but I can't now. The block puzzle is way too easy anyways. I don't think there has been a single block puzzle, at least in 3D Zelda, that was particularly hard.

  7. The tears of every stream sniper who gets outed as a creep

  8. The ham and chips look decent but having only 1 egg is frankly quite insulting. Need at least 2 eggs for a decent ham, egg and chips.

  9. Thanks for pointing me I'm this direction. I've only actually watched the anime of ubw and a little of Fate Zero so ive been planning on playing the VN of fate/Stay Night for a while now and go through all the routes

  10. People are still believing a P3 remake is coming!? P3P is coming out in a couple of days and will continue to be on the market for quite a while. Why would atlus bother competing with themselves by putting what I would gather to be a superior version of P3 when they already have a version to sell across all current gen consoles. It just doesn't make any sense. I'm taking this rumor with a grain of salt for now. While I'd be stoked for a P5 style remake of P3 I just don't see it happening for a long while if at all.

  11. Absolutely, and it's one of the main things I miss about games these days.

  12. And then skyward Sword released and we got Fi to remind us about knowledge we just learnt 5 seconds ago. Or that our batteries were running low

  13. Idk I mainly used my Wii U for retro emulation seeing as the Wii U games I wanted to play were ported to the switch besides Wind Waker and Twilight Princess HD. Then I got a Steam Deck. The Wii U finally as outlived its usefulness for me.

  14. It's funny I feel like this sub has gone from absolutely hating these MikuNino posts to weirdly being into it now. Like they're waiting for the next one to drop. I guess

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