This Iron Throne is awesome can’t we all agree

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  1. He’s a comedian. .. and he’s Bobby Lee

  2. Wild. I thought KANYE but I didn’t see the hint.. so yeah

  3. I think it’s possible that hair was locking throughout the world simultaneously .. look at the way they all lived.

  4. Bro. Everyone be wanting to take shit personal these days. Reason why ppl love Shultz is bc he’s bringing back the mentality that FUNNY IS FUNNY regardless who it’s towards.

  5. Patrice done said it all man, I'm just glad there's people in comedy still with this attitude

  6. I think it’s dope. It shows the progression of time.

  7. I think I remember that too. But is it possible we are just idk confusing it with the Paddington The Bear movie?

  8. The fact that there is a sub discussion .. about this.. Yes. It’s about the eyeballs

  9. One of my favorite comedians.

  10. Can't speak for Nashville but Greenville has been great! Many different areas just outside of Greenville that people are moving in to that are growing (Mauldin, Simpsonville, Greer, Easley, etc)

  11. Nashville and Greenville are both excellent options. Nashville will probably have more culture, amenities and events. Very beautiful. Greenville has a stunning downtown and great hiking within a short drive. Regionally reasonably close to nice towns like Saluda, Brevard and Asheville.

  12. Ty! Yes I just got back from GV yesterday. I’m definitely leaning towards GV

  13. Ppl in a relationship shouldn’t talk to each other this way. There’s no justifying it for either person.

  14. This dude tells fuck USADA and talks about being a pro but he’s absolutely embarrassed himself since fighting Izzy.

  15. Actually rocking with her even more

  16. I was just vibing and I got a little too hype I think. Is it really that bad though? I didn’t know any better.

  17. Pay him no mind. Lol that’s actually pretty funny. We all do/say something dumb and embarrassing. But you learn right?

  18. Yes. Extremely good and well spoken

  19. 😂 I barely managed to take a photo and my little sister is 43 She wouldn’t go for it! Thanks for the laugh 😊

  20. The fact that you’re writing me paragraphs shows how much you wanna stick to your made up story. 😆

  21. I am a British seventies/eighties educated person, writing articulate paragraphs were a given. I do completely understand if that’s your view though. Best wishes

  22. For being a seventies/ eighties educated person ..oh and British you are doing a horrible job at convincing this is real.

  23. Also. Shultz was in Europe. Not sure when they filmed the Patreon episode of flagrant. So we might not get one

  24. Considering the last pod came out August 4th, and right now it’s the 13th… I’d probably take a safe guess and say “no” lol

  25. Nah lady podcast (video) came out on Sunday.

  26. Marc Maron has a history of trashing and hating on ppl.

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