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Listen, get educated, and get involved.

Party time, shower them with sparkly paper

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This hits me right in the feels


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  1. I remember you! That's amazing :D Thanks for approving me btw lol :)

  2. i'm not trying to be a general a-hole here and i genuinely have 0 intentions to hurt anyone, but i'm curious as to why people get so happy when they get a 'top' award? sure it can give you the fancy reddit coins, and the title of having one, but do they apply any benefit then that? this might be like v-bucks all over again, when people got too excited over them. as i said, i have no intention of belittling anyone.

  3. I'm not obsessed with it. I don't even know what it is lmao.

  4. It is a very good TV series, one of the greatest I've watched! I recommend it.

  5. I'm sorry that your parents are refusing therapy but this is not the right place. First of all, a licensed mental professional isn't going to help you by a post you made asking for help. You have to consult an appointment yourself. I'm sure this wasn't the decision aswell when creating this subreddit. Good luck!

  6. Are you just talking about private schools for kids? Or are you also talking about universities/trade schools/etc?

  7. In many countries around the world (especially underdeveloped), Education requires money for some. Private schools is a different matter.

  8. So by education are you just referring to children's education that would have public schools available in most locations? (Such as Kindergarten - Grade 12 in the US)

  9. That looks great! I went to France almost 12 years ago and I miss it so much :(

  10. You can probably crush a watermelon with that..💀

  11. in exactly five seconds in exactly five seconds

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