1. Can you please explain what you mean even you say the stuff about the corn bark... I've just had some PLASMODIUM fruit and spread spores I'm thinking of how I can use the fruiting bodies with speed to make new plasmodium I think the same way you did but I don't know what you mean with the autoclaved cork bark

  2. Hello again. It appears that my F. septica has begun forming plasmodia. Completely unexpected, I haven't even started a serious attempt to cultivate it yet, I just figured it couldn't hurt to put a little bit of spore solution onto a piece of paper towel and have it sit in an uncovered petri dish in the dark. I kept the paper towel moist by watering it three to five times a day with a syringe and today, on day five, there is yellow growth visible on a couple of spots. Those spots are the most high up and to the sides, so I hypothesize that two factors might have played a role in why the growth formed there: 1) These spots are likely the ones where water most easily evaporates, so capillary action is going to produce a flow towards these spots, taking spores with them. 2) Any possible bacterial contaminants (since this was deliberately non-sterile) would be subject to the same capillary action, accumulating as a potential food source at these spots.

  3. Just to be clear, so far I haven't cultivated F. septica. I've collected spores and took some to create a spore solution, but I'm still in the research phase. However, the study I mentioned talks about what they did with cork bark and how they ultimately cultivated F. septica from spores.

  4. What? No. Payments come directly from the coinbase transaction.

  5. Funny thing is that p2pool never even writes the word "coinbase" (let alone "binance") in console log. The actual log message is You received a payout of X XMR in block Y

  6. _nak says:

    Yeah, the "read in p2pool output" thing falls apart, too, but I didn't feel the need to push back on that detail, people are wrong on where they heard or read something all the time and definitely more important was to clear up the terms.

  7. _nak says:

    Very thin fleshed. Possibly Pleurocybella porrigens, also called angel wings. People generally consider them edible, but since there were reports from Japan where people (with damaged kidneys) died after their consumption, the consensus started shifting a little.

  8. _nak says:

    Part of the reason why this "grew" so fast is because it's motile - it moves around. It was probably hiding behind the bark while growing and now it walks out into the light to morph into its reproductive stage. It will look quite a bit different if you went back to look at it this seven hours later.

  9. _nak says:

    I stream Witcher 3 via SteamLink to my low-power laptop and input lag is manageable, got a whole playthrough out of it. Both machines with wired connections. But for something competitive and precise like Rocket League, for example? Absolutely no chance in hell. Can't be done regardless of what you're using.

  10. _nak says:

    Must be my setup, then. I'd estimate the input lag to be around 50ms, no matter what I use. Probably my laptop.

  11. _nak says:

    Oh, that's right, I didn't even make the connection. What a happy coincidence.

  12. _nak says:


  13. Is there any significance to the "Miner SHARE FOUND" in the logs, e.g:

  14. I've had a quick look, but can't seem to find any info on setting P2Pool difficulty levels.

  15. Yes it is Keepass Autotyping passwords. It has been confirmed to me that there is a bug between Keepass and X11 where it closes everything and logs you out. A fix has already been made but it's not distributed yet.

  16. Do you have a bug tracker link? That sounds so unlikely to me that I'd like to have a read on it and I can't find it on their forums and they mention no X11 issues on their info page.

  17. Thanks, really appreciated!

  18. Might also be some Coprinellus.

  19. It's getting a hug from a slime mold.

  20. Made me laugh, though. I'm sure he just misread the comment, maybe missing the exclamation mark, thinking OP said "But they're not slime mold".

  21. By hosing it down you made sure to absolutely spread it everywhere. What you're seeing is a so called aethalium, the fruiting body of Fuligo septica. It's not fully developed yet, but if you crack it open, you'll see a slightly wet brown mass of Millions (if not Billions) of spores. Those spores get wet, crack open to give rise to a tiny flagellate (microbe with "hairs" it uses to move around), those eventually accumulate and fuse together to form a single-celled plasmodium, which is the "mature" form of F. septica and the stage where it moves around and eats before ultimately forming another aethalium, which brings us back to what you see above.

  22. English is fun guy or fun gee (hard g like goat) according to Paul stamets mycologists use fun jee (like jeesus)

  23. Apparently there's a difference between US and UK pronunciation. I didn't know that. Funny enough, the one I'm not using is closer to how I'd pronounce it in my native language.

  24. I'm actually developing a tool that uses uinput. I guess this explains why I could test it on my old PC without sudo, while the same wouldn't work on my current laptop. I had Steam installed on my old PC

  25. What an incredibly lucky coincidence that you came across this post, pinning that down without stumbling over it by accident sounds like a terrible time.

  26. If you're asking if you can use p2pool as a "pool backend", then yes, you can.

  27. Yup, I switched to Linux for 99% of my work a while back, but the one time I needed to dual boot back in to windows I get the survey. I can't wait for my next survey, as that windows partition has been wiped clean and I can finally represent the Linux crowd!

  28. Same here, no safety net anymore. Gaben, gib survey, now.

  29. Last time I got surveyed I was already full time on Linux, but booted into Windows 7 once to make an FPS benchmark for a game I was trying to improve on Linux to set a base line and of course that one boot was when I got the survey. I'm still bummed out by that.

  30. Are those chanterelles? I'm not familiar with them and never saw them in person.

  31. Thank you! How wonderful!

  32. Wait so all of these are the same dog and rabbit characters? Are these all coming from the same city or are they actually all around the world? This has the be the same artist making these right?

  33. They're called Dogman and Rabbitwoman and it's the same artists. Apparently they're somewhat self portraits, because the artists supposedly are as unlikely a pairing as a dog and a rabbit. I must admit that I find dogs and rabbits to be fairly likely pairings, considering they're both pets and I know plenty people who own both, but artists never cared about not sounding absolutely pretentious.

  34. Growing up in the country we had dogs more than once catch rabbits and rip them apart like one of their toys so they kinda have a point if the animals aren't raised together

  35. Sure, if they aren't raised together, but they often are.

  36. Friend's new-ish Thinkpad won't boot from USB unless secure boot is disabled in bios. Maybe there's another workaround that we don't understand or know about, but that's how we installed.

  37. Hmm, for me personally it's just seems to be the amount of time the game is alt tabbed not the inherent action itself. I can freely alt tab through or click the icon to get back in, both on the pause (esc) screen and the menu (tab) screen. If I alt tab though and do something else for a few mins it stops responding. Wondering if it's some kind of background process that puts the game to "sleep" or something I'm not versed in this stuff lol

  38. I wish I could at least offer an explanation if not a solution, but that's beyond me as well. I've experienced that phenomenon, though, but not with Skyrim I don't think. Wonder if it's related to paging/swap? Just an uneducated guess.

  39. I'd be interested in an ID. Some people suggested this might me L. sulphureus, I don't really think so. I have a couple pictures in my "unidentified" folder of what looks like this, but way older. Can someone confirm that it's the same fungus? I uploaded the pictures to

  40. Why are people saying it’s a cookie cutter lol they literally said it’s a silly band in the post. They’re asking for the shape x)

  41. I didn't realize Silly Band was a product name, I thought OP called it that because its shape is silly looking.

  42. Getting a second opinion doesn't hurt. If people are relying on internet strangers to tell deadly from edible, that's on them.

  43. Absolutely - asking for an ID is commonplace, asking if a mushroom is edible is a red flag of an amateur and can be incredibly dangerous.

  44. Better shave my fake beard, then.

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