1. _nak says:

    You didn't mention putting the jars in a pot for 90 minutes, do you not do that? I mean, it's not proper sterilization anyways, but it's loads better than nothing.

  2. Hi there, thanks for your response. I sterilise in a pressure cooker for 90 mins. My pressure cooker doesn’t show the relative PSI. It’s weird that it’s only ever wet rot, when most people would see a mould issue if they had contam

  3. If it's 15 psi, that should be fine. That might hint at something about your technique being an issue.

  4. _nak says:

    I was about to say something along the lines of how mushrooms are nature's sponges, but then I realized that sponges are nature's sponges.

  5. Don't give me nightmares. With every hit into my palm or leg I envision this happening.

  6. Hopefully your palm/leg are softer than the side of my chair.

  7. Oh, most definitely, looking how it's slowly getting beaten into a pulp by jar after jar.

  8. SSH is available on Termux (android), so you can view your screen session. Alternatively, xmrig comes with a built-in http api that you can make available to the web.

  9. SSH and screen are basic Linux terminal tools. You open a terminal, run screen -S session_name and then just launch xmrig from in there. CTRL+A, then CTRL+D and the session will continue running in the background. You can now SSH into your machine and screen -r session_name will bring that terminal back up, no matter from what device you SSH into it.

  10. I was giving an example of fairly sophisticated server side anti-cheat concerning wallhacks (Valorant's "Fog of War"), how is something entirely unrelated taking away from that point exactly? I'm mentioning Valorant specifically because it's a mainstream game having implemented the technology I'm talking about that also have an excellent

  11. You mentioned the technology within context of getting rid of client-side AC. While the people implementing it m taking time, money and effort to design it also opted for one of the most aggressive client-side AC.

  12. It doesn't, not even a little. There was a point where most people were still using horse carriages while others drove cars. It's not that one isn't clearly superior to the other in principle, it's that technology needs to mature and that adoption takes time. This is a step on that way. Also, ignore my example of Valorant if you must, the point stands on its own merit, regardless of them having it or not, so if you get hung up on that, then so be it.

  13. Buckets, every time. Monotubs are famous for ruining oyster grows, because they suffocate in their own CO2. Monotubs are almost exclusively used for actives.

  14. Kind of annoying, W7 is my emergency OS and while I haven't used it in over a year, knowing the option is gone doesn't sit well with me. I can imagine that renaming steamwebhelper might get around this for a while?

  15. Very annoying, I have win7 vm pretty much only for source-engine 1 modding purposes.

  16. Yeah, for edge use cases like that, painful times are ahead. Maybe it'll all turn out fine, though, I wouldn't be surprised if steam keeps working for another ten years, depending on what they need out of the chrome framework.

  17. Smell (and taste) being useful in narrowing down toxicity makes a lot of sense, considering that's basically the function of those senses. I'm very surprised by the spore print color, though, it's kind of the opposite of what I would've expected.

  18. Good for you, I've seen you around for a while speaking to people gathering info on cultivating pet-myxos, happy your plan finally came to, excuse the pun, fruition.

  19. I tested it back in February last year (the guy manually setting "Screenmanager Resolution Width" to 1, if you remember). I like the "oddities", I don't think they were in yet back then. It's fun, but it's difficult, especially because fights seem to aggro bandits from way off screen (intended mechanic?). Maybe I need to start exploring before attacking shrimps.

  20. Does your phone have a camera mode for high fps (maybe a slow-motion mode)? If it does, you can film your screen, audibly hit your mouse, then count frames between the "clack" and motion on the screen. If it's a noticeable difference between win and linux, then it's going to be at least in the low tens of ms, and that's a measurable difference with as little as ~200 fps video - and many phones go well beyond [email protected] already.

  21. And yet I shared an experience with the owner that proved otherwise.

  22. Technically, there is one advantage of using p2pool in the background, and it's regular payouts even for a small centralized pool (it inherits p2pool's block finding frequency). But yes, every other claim he makes is irrelevant/wrong.

  23. Correct, of course. I should have taken the time to be more clear and accurate. In my defense, though, I'm really tired of having to repeat myself over and over with the minexmr2 kerfuffle, you'd think people would have gotten the message by now.

  24. 1-3 are Oudemansiella mucida, porcelain fungi. Love them, can't wait for them to pop up again around my woods.

  25. Thank you they where super slimy and the translucency is pretty

  26. Yeah, their incredible slimeliness is what's preventing me from eating them, even though they're actually edible.

  27. Ungefährlich sowohl für den Menschen, als auch für Heim und Garten, da sie kein Myzel ausbilden und keine Holzzersetzer sind. Gelten in ihrer plasmodialen Phase sogar als essbar ("caca de luna").

  28. Caca de Luna ist aber doch wieder ein ganz anderer Pilz, oder? Bei Google sehe ich eher Bilder mit einem kräftig gelben Pilz

  29. Manche Quellen sprechen bei caca de luna von Fuligo septica, statt Entiridium lycoperdon, aber beide werden local gegessen.

  30. Looks like lacewing eggs. Gets posted quite a lot on

  31. Entiridium lycoperdon, the false puffball. It's not filled with eggs, it's filled with many Millions of spores. It's what we colloquially call a slime mold, although it's not a mold at all.

  32. Neofavolus alveolaris comes to mind. I've never seen this one in person, though, and only recognize it from searching for lookalikes to Lentinus arcolarius. They look old and N. alveolaris turns white with age. Pore size and general morphology fits. Have a look at it, but don't take my word for it.

  33. Yes, this is a burl.

  34. That's not a falsely drawn swastika. The Nazi symbol is the one that is falsely drawn. The original symbol (as it is seen above) pre-dates the Nazi symbol by thousands of years. It is drawn square, as above. The Nazi's tilted it on it's side (diamond), changing the original meaning from one of positivity, life and abundance, to one of death and destruction.

  35. I'm 100% aware of that, I even looked to the explanation given under this post. Did you mean to respond to the guy I'm responding to?

  36. I meant that it was neither neo-nazis, nor edgy teens.

  37. Yes, I know, I never stated the opposite.

  38. I dont want to use disposable materials if I can help it. I have glass syringes too.

  39. There's always the option of using small mason jars ("shot glass" mason jars) if you're unhappy with plates and don't want plastic.

  40. Hey , Just wanted to ask what does <-5 mean? from what I know for ex : jmp 0, -5 jumps to position behind by -5. please correct if I'm wrong 😅

  41. TL;DR: Our pre-decrement manipulates the target address of the imp's MOV instruction after it has been copied over, but before it gets executed, making sure it can't propagate forwards and overwrite the illegal instruction, and that's what kills the imp.

  42. Wow , thanks alot for the detailed answer. It helped alot(add to that I mixed mov with jump as well😅) ✌️🍍

  43. No problem. Redcode programming can be pretty opaque and while the

  44. You're not alone, man, the past couple of weeks there have been dozens of people posting their leggy oysters asking what's wrong. In short, they're not a species that can be grown in a tub like you can with actives. It's sub-optimal for many reasons, the most critical being air exchange. But they're also generally not top-fruiters and will grow better from the side of the substrate and being mushrooms that get quite large quite quickly, a large surface area to fruit from risks exhausting the substrate before the flush is done, leading to aborts.

  45. So (hypothetically ofc) if I were to leave it be and set up a fan would they be okay?

  46. Hard to tell. A fan is going to dry them out really quickly, I'm not convinced you can spritz them often enough to keep up. If you want something less invasive, maybe give putting the tub on its side a go, although the substrate will shrink as the mushrooms grow, so it'll become lose and you're at the risk of it toppling over, especially if fruits hang off it.

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