1. It’s vote who you want to keep…. Isn’t it? Have you been voting for him 😳

  2. Sorry I phrased it wrong, I meant like vote him out

  3. Because the result cannot be a higher power, so it would be a waste. You cannot fuse and get mythics and these are the highest power legendaries.

  4. The whole cosplay is literally perfect 😫

  5. still better than his recent tweets about jews

  6. that he was going to "go death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE"

  7. Heck no!! Has it been knocked? Probably more bad placement as it shouldn't bleed anywhere near that much, but trauma on top of bad placement may cause this But no, not normal am afraid

  8. Yeah, I think I must’ve knocked it when I was asleep :-(

  9. Jesus yeah I’d bet you did hit it but def go see the piercer

  10. Yeah, I’ve contacted them so hopefully it’ll be okay. Thanks tho :-)

  11. any redness, bleeding or swelling is VERY normal for the initial few weeks! this is why we put in longer posts to begin with to accommodate for any of these possibilities. your piercer (given they’re reputable), should do check ups every couple weeks so that your healing can be monitored and your jewelry can be downsized/changed accordingly. downsizing is important part of the process to avoid any furthering of irritation after the first three months or so!! i recommend cleaning it with a neilmed saline spray, and flattening a q-tip, soaking it in that sterile saline, and gently wiping any excess blood/crusties off. make sure not to pull/twist/play with your new poke!!! Happy healing :-)

  12. Thanks so much!! Is it normal for my nose to be covered in blood? I fell asleep and woke up to my nose drenched in blood, like a massive amount.

  13. Roblox: BulkingBestie Reddit: _ediegolds I really wanted to be Thorn from Hex Girls but I’m dressing as Gru 💔

  14. I second Salo, only film so far that’s actually made me want to vomit

  15. I would recommend using manual placement when building your roofs. I am not sure if you need advanced placement but I am pretty sure you don’t:)

  16. ‘Yearns for the sweet release’ might be my new favourite line ever

  17. The UK hasn’t even got the creepoductions 😭 I want her so bad omg

  18. Corpse Bride better be an option and win!!! 😭

  19. I really hope so. I have a feeling that they’ll be like the smallest changes on the male bodies like one might be slightly skinnier or slightly thicker.

  20. I knew it looked familiar!! This makes me so happy omg

  21. I have one actually! Make your animations faster! It makes the animation of the apple bobbing faster aka faster apple bobbing!

  22. the directions seem so simple but I'm struggling so bad to find ittt been flying for 30mins-

  23. Same!! Like my graphics are all the way up but I can’t see anything at all :-(

  24. I’m not taking about what her lips look like, I was talking about the colour she uses on her lips

  25. Try Mac Pro Lip Palette Necessary Nudes . I like it bc you mix your own color. They sell like crazy but if they’re sold out they do stock it up quick. Or just buy the solo lipstick Mac Nude Matte “come over” or “down to an art” are both close to that color depends on your skin pigment as well & darker shade in the liner. They’ll help you. Good luck

  26. What is up with all the homophobic comments??

  27. Thank you so much, it really means a lot to me. I’m going to try and talk to her today :)

  28. Well you should tell her it makes you feel uncomfortable. She will get it, dont worry.

  29. I’d definitely skip the sleepover but go to the picnic for a lil while. I think you’ll be glad you did. But yeah, gearing up for a sleepover sounds like way too much. For the gift, maybe just stop by the grocery store on the way to the picnic and get a card and a bottle of chilled Prosecco to bring with you? Something simple she can serve at the party, idk. It’s ultimately the gesture and the fact that you came that counts, right? Hope you feel better soon and that the party ends up lifting your spirits.

  30. Hey, I'm sorry you are having a rough time. That absolutely impacts your ability to socialize and enjoy the company of others. Since being diagnosed last year, I have become more aware that I often have very black and white thinking. You might be missing the gray areas in your own situation. You have more options than 1) cancel 2) attend entire celebration. You could go to the picnic with your gift but leave before the sleepover. You could attend the beginning of the sleepover (in pjs etc) but drive home to your own bed when it's time to sleep. You could cancel, but stop by before the celebration to drop off the gift and take a few minutes to tell the birthday person how much you want to celebrate with them, but that you aren't in a place to do it at the moment.

  31. Thank you so much!! It means so much to me. I think I’ll leave before the sleepover, I really appreciate your help <3

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