1. Man, I should really fact check myself before chatting shit, huh? Sorry everyone.

  2. https://i.imgur.com/KyNYf5j.gif

  3. Sometimes I edge myself until 0801 so I can explicitly bust a nut on the clock

  4. People who believe this is real, believe that Elves exist and Bigfoot eats beef jerky

  5. We have documented proof that elves exist. Have you not seen the movie, Elf? Educate yourself

  6. Yeah or a clear pace advantage in a car that could take corners flat the Ferrari needed brakes for. It’s mental. I guess Justice was served in 2020? I mean you look at the virile young leclerc just crushing Sebastian who’d grown flabby and impotent and it’s like the ending of Macbeth

  7. It sounds like the intro to Jet - Are You Gonna Be My Girl

  8. Yeah I think you and my wife are probably right. It just sounds so similar to songs I've heard before that I'm thinking it's a song in of itself. Thanks!

  9. At what point is a coach worth it? I have no intention of going pro or anything. Just looking to improve really

  10. Just wanted to share the Rig a mate and I built.

  11. Nice build. I've been thinking of ditching my cheap knockoff wheel stand for a 2x6 wooden build like this. Any issues with wobbling without any additional lateral support?

  12. I disagree, but you are entitled to your opinion. It made a great deal of a difference for me.

  13. I'm with you. My dynavap is amazing, although it probably helps it's sorta what I started out using when I started vaping weed. Prior to that I had only done the occasional pinner at parties.

  14. there is a definite learning curve in the beginning learning how to heat it right. i remember thinking that it was kinda not working at first too but i got a single flame torch, watched some videos, now its perfect i can take like 5 hits with moderate clouds until it stops tasting good and gets pretty dark.

  15. also can highly recommend an induction heater for the dynavap. makes it so nice and easy to use

  16. He bridges chess to a more broad audience for sure. Guys like Hikaru and Naroditsky make phenomenal content, but I can imagine being completely lost if I was a newbie watching them. Gotham just makes it simple for the new person to enjoy and understand because of his humor and ability to explain chess basics very simply.

  17. i love danya's content. his speedrun videos are my main binge nowadays

  18. Become a patron! I often get asked what my wings icon means during games.

  19. i don't think I have but I do notice a few more people quitting before games start now than before donating lmao

  20. Stafford gambit has tons of traps that are easy to walk into.

  21. I can only speak for myself but sometimes I want to engage with a complicated game but don't have the spoons to play it myself, so I go watch a Let's Play or tutorial or build showcase to scratch the itch.

  22. that's sorta how i've approached factorio using xterminators lets play. it's helped a ton because i've learned a lot from his videos and kind have just now started doing my own thing once i got the hang of it.

  23. Dunno, that's a funny nickname to me. Definitely not ban worthy

  24. I've had bad luck with performance on satisfactory. What sort of fps you getting?

  25. see i've heard it as the seattle speedball, same idea though lmao

  26. Start by learning to code. I'm just starting to get into it just to make my personal and professional life easier. There's so much shit at my job that a few good shortcuts save tons of time

  27. thing I find is you can learn all of this code and everything but most company computers/laptops will have shit so locked down that you can't use any of it minus a few small things to make life easier.

  28. The problem is the lanes are clearly marked. If you fail to maintain your lane while in a parking lot and hit something, there's no excuse and it's your fault.

  29. God that drives me nuts every time I see it. Every single time I go to Sam's (shittier Costco) some idiot does this shit.

  30. I'm in the same boat. Guess I was under a rock or something

  31. Agreed the DnB was gnarly and I thought it was dope hearing more of that. I’m a huge techno fan too so the addition of some techno tracks was dope as well. The older Halloween’s though we’re “slower” because it had more of a Halloween house party vibe, many tracks of some hype and chill shit. Now it’s just balls to the wall (I love it still, great workout mix imo) but it’s just different, not necessarily bad I guess

  32. that's a great way to describe the earlier mixes. on that note do you have any other mixes that fit that sort of vibe? I'd love to get some new mixes together.

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