1. Um, we literally saw this play out on the original Total Drama Island. Owen hands down!

  2. Or Gwen wins if you live in another part of the World

  3. DomiHIM Mysterio is what Adam Cole thinks he is

  4. Member when HHH was going to get rid of stooge Bruce the moment he came on?!

  5. Funniest player in Survivor history (tied with Coach)

  6. Find golden hands and have a persona that increases accuracy and attack

  7. Raptors fan here. I’m getting sick of Fox getting snubbed from the all star game. Siakim getting snubbed this year isn’t even the snub I’m most pissed about, it’s De’Aaron Fox. The fact that this happens to him every single year pisses me off. He deserves to play in the all star game

  8. In the past year, Our Favorite Main Liventer has

  9. I heard his Great Grandma was a longtime WON subscriber

  10. didn't mean to, my reddit app bugs sometimes, might need to make it a longtime WON subscriber for a bit

  11. Sorry for the delay goofs, no jerk, I’ve been in hospital for a couple of days, was released a few hours ago, it’s been a rough couple of day for me

  12. Posted by someone who hasn’t seen his team go the the Super Bowl, he wouldn’t get it

  13. I’m a Patriots fan, I’ve seen plenty bud

  14. Should have left Rocky out of it.

  15. Who scampers around with his tooth missing *

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