1. You absolutely do not need much if any carbs. The paleo, keto, and atkins diets are based on low carbs.

  2. I had a look into it and the way I see it, I will eat a bit of carbs. A fair bit of carbs and a relatively high amount of fat, that way if I run out of glycogen, I will be burning ketosis. I usually eat avocadoes and might even throw in a few sausages. They're not particularly healthy but if It's controlled it should be fine and it's high in fat. I just make sure I eat enough fibre

  3. I agree, it’s poor sportsmanship and is not in good taste. As Nathan Buckley said, “shame on anyone that boos”

  4. Buckley forgot his braindead fans booed Gaff and Sheed for no reason 3 weeks before he said that

  5. "shame on anyone who boos a champion". Neither Gaff nor Sheed fit the champion requirement.

  6. If he's been working out for a few years I'll say he's natty and is lying about squatting 600lbs

  7. Im not gon lie i read that wrong asf i thought they said his hood was off the entire time in bigger longer uncut 😂

  8. Why the fuck are people downvoting you??? for admitting you read something wrong???? Really reddit????

  9. For someone who loves a show based of the darkest humor imaginable they sure are soft

  10. Not starting shit, but why are you angry over Henry's departure? He wasn't getting games for Collingwood. Btw, not a supporter of either side

  11. Weirdly enough Chris being worried about his contestants drowing. I know he was worried about hia pay, but considering how bad he became in the later seasons, I feel he was a bit worried

  12. I think they were trying to lose without their parents noticing they were doing it on purpose

  13. That's also a possibility but Stan could've made it look like an accident

  14. Andrew Brayshaw, 23yo just started to peak, 7-8 good years left. 2nd choice would be Clayton Oliver

  15. funny you pick two players who we have a history with. Brayshaw wouldn't mind coming here if he had to because he's already forgiven Gaff and we're not dumb enough to hate Brayshaw because Gaff hit him, but some fans probably haven't forgiven Oliver for his dive in 2017. I don't care anymore, but some fans probably still do.

  16. I thought that was one of those machines where you freeze yourself until a specific time

  17. 'Wow, Hand Sanitizer, you like Rarity more but hate that she's clean and that's why you choose me?'

  18. Yes. I usually go to bed around 8:30 and fall asleep around 9:30-10. I usually wake up around 5:30 and feel fine, hell the other night I feel asleep at 12 and woke up at 6 and felt fine.

  19. I guess youtube is like that person who was so sweet in their first decade on Earth but since they turned into a teenager they start becoming obnoxious and a pain in the ass

  20. I literally saw him on tiktok the other day, no way he committed suicide. He seemed happy

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