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  1. 3rd time this week? Isn't this the third day the game has been out lol?

  2. Exactly! Lol you'd think blizzard would have the whole MMO thing locked down...

  3. Been wondering the same thing since my Brother watches the Netflix dub and I doubt he would want to rewatch the series again in sub or the Crunchyroll dub. So I find it weird Netflix just kinda stopped dubbing it every 2 to 3 weeks with no reason to why.

  4. Too bad they screw over their customers and odnt have a battle pass ready day 1. Instead we'll be waiting until mid-July. And it takes 100 hours to get through the battle pass....

  5. He better hope their isn't another earthquake....how could this man possibly have won?!

  6. Meh, they have a lot of plot holes and pointless information given to the viewer that don’t add anything of value to the story. That’s an immediate turn off for me.

  7. Yeah I made one thoughtful comment on there and I was banned for not making a comment with conservative ideals

  8. I hope their family name is forever tarnished and covered in cat feces.

  9. expands workforce in EU....lays off workforce two years later if any kind of recession is mentioned

  10. Nadella was instrumental in changing Microsoft's focus to cloud and AI.

  11. You're forgetting an important piece of information, CNN is dying. It's hemorrhaging viewers and money, do you know when they weren't though? Under the Trump presidency, it's in CNN's best interests for Donald Trump to get elected again so he'll give them four more years of shenanigans to profit off of. The deregulation and tax cuts he'll over see are just icing on the cake.

  12. The fact of the matter is that all cable news outlets are dying. As the older folks leave this world all that's left are those of us who don't watch or have cable news. I read multiple news outlets to get my facts. Older folks rely on CNN or Fox, but it won't always be like that.

  13. He said on Twitter he'll launch a new show or is he launching a show on twitter? 'Cuz twitter is already as big a shit show as could be.

  14. Believe it's a new show on Twitter. He's supposedly been in talks with Elon.

  15. Selling puts on hella risky stocks but thinking you’re good because tHeTa GaNg Is SaFe is one of the classic steps of WSB grief.

  16. An autistic person can get a PhD, but that doesn't magically make you not autistic.

  17. I want to know what her family is telling her. I'd hope they are saying "please retire mom/grandma". Like wtf. They're ruining their family name because of her.

  18. I could NOT get over the incredibly thin plot justification of not calling the police. Come ON.

  19. That pissed me off so much. I was yelling at the TV..."call the fucking police!". Very lazy writing with that whole scenario. If I find someone in a box, I'm calling the police!!!

  20. Normally working class refers to tradespeople and low to medium skill jobs. Professionals are middle class, or petite-bourgeoisie, depending on whether they get stock options, or have some influence over a company’s direction. The self employed and very small business owners also fit in this category.

  21. I'd say blue collar and white collar would be a good way to describe what you are saying. I'm white collar and work in construction with a four year degree, salaried. Mostly all subcontractors are blue collar (plumber, HVAC, electricians, etc)but they actually work pretty good hours (usually done by 3pm) and make bank. I know many tradesman getting paid six figures a year.

  22. This is how everybody is going to remember Dianne Feinstein. This is going to be her legacy.

  23. She's a snobby arrogant fool. She won't be remembered for anything decent that she may have done, but for being so full of herself and showing that she just needs the paycheck. She only cares about her senile old self.

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