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Writing a dog alphabet. I think Q is my favorite

This hits me right in the feels

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  1. Ok, how? The hummingbirds in my yard are extremely territorial. I regularly see five of them all trying to control the feeder. Then, weirdly, for two weeks at dusk they decided to play nice. I had six at a time sitting on the feeder, some waiting their turn. I love the little guys, but I sure don’t understand them.

  2. When I see one my first thought is "holy crap that is a big bug!"

  3. On a migration route perhaps? They get real willing to tolerate both humans and other birds when that hungry.

  4. Is it because of import prices? All that outback and there’s no homegrow? Hard to believe the drug scene is actually that bad over there

  5. Plus the nearest country and most likely route is Indonesia which has the death penalty for drug trafficking.

  6. $35 for the shittiest 20s here in Australia lol

  7. Yea the full synthetic, and also not a cheap full synthetic is the key to the 10k oil changes. I haven't seen or heard of anyone having issue's with 10k when using a good quality full synthetic. I was a bit skeptical myself when I first started and tried to go higher than 3k, but now I wouldn't change my oil after 3k for any reason.

  8. If I'm going to crawl under my car to change the oil I'm doing exactly what the manual says, quality full synthetic. I go about 7-8k between changes.

  9. And even still, why would you use an iPad versus iPhone?

  10. So the people behind you can watch the show on your screen :P

  11. You joke, but when my wife and I went to an after-hours event at Disney World, some asshole in front of us was doing the iPad recording of the castle projection show. When I made a comment, his exact response was "Just look at my screen, you can see just fine."

  12. My area has very hard clay soil. I sometimes have to use a mattock to break it up and the chunks are like taffy. If it rains suddenly the water just sluices off and flash floods are common here. If it rains steadily and slowly the clay starts to turn muddy and will hold more and more water. If the rain is too intense though even this muddy layer can get washed away as silt.

  13. Working at an autozone in a meth town, that's just the standard behavior. They come in buying cheap wiring and the biggest speakers they can and they show off the car-disassembling level of bass, all while a magical blue or white cloud follows their car everywhere they go

  14. I hear these damn things a mile away in my house. I imagine shutting them off with

  15. I wouldn't have suspected it either, until I visited Minnesota and drove along the northern shore of Lake Superior, from Duluth to Thunder Bay, Ontario. Not quite as dramatic as these pictures, but still beautiful. Growing up in the western US, I used to think of everything between the Rockies and the Appalachians as flat and boring farmland. I was nicely surprised with this area.

  16. I never suspected this sort of dramatic terrain was on the Great Lakes!

  17. I once knocked up 6 neighbors just for their leftover chicken bones.

  18. Happened to glance at the profile pic and it was definitely an activity, just not hiking :D

  19. Sure, there are several good Sichuanese spots in Morrisville and Cary like C&T Wok or Szechwan Garden. We had a nice carry out meal recently from Taipei 101 in Cary. It was worth a drive from Durham, though in fairness, the restaurant is quite close to Bond Brothers Brewery. Taipei 101 was quite solid. I especially liked the shrimp chow fun which is more of a Cantonese dish.

  20. C&T Wok is the most authentic Szechwan that I’ve found. But prepare yourself for a stomach hangover whatever you get

  21. Im no economy expert, but id assume its more profitable to sell your product to more people than it is to sell to fewer people.

  22. MS has finally realized they make a shitload more money as a publisher than a console manufacturer

  23. They made $16.28 billion on xbox in 2021. Their highest ever.

  24. Acording to tv Vikings weren't mostly farmers but professional bodybuilders with tattoos and giant beards who constantly talked like they were on stage.

  25. Good thing the star wars character wasn't named "Hjörleifshöfði"

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