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  1. Meh. I used to spend every other Sunday in Rockwall/Rowlett when my grandparents were still alive. It is pretty ok the first few times and I have good memories going to the lake by their condo. However, it gets pretty underwhelming after you are an adult and run into the Karens and Kens. Most of the new money pokes about town expecting to have special treatment so customer service is pretty shitty after having to deal with that The attitudes of the townfolk really cheapen the scenery. There are far more pretty places in Texas than this. Plus, it's overcrowded and The Harbor can hardly keep any businesses. I remember when they built it. So many things have gone in and out of that place because no one can afford rent. Rockwall looks like a dump with a bunch of expensive houses and condos slapped around it. I give it another 10 years and it will be off the top ten richest towns in Texas. It looks like every other suburb with the same crap. It used to be fresh, new, and have an authentic affluent feel to it. Now? Not so much. The city hasn't really done anything to keep it growing other than slap more shopping centers and scatter some apartments around. If watching the entitled float around Target and getting stuck on I30 is your jam then live your dream. Sure isn't mine. I still have to drive through this town often and frankly it is depressing.

  2. Unless she asks I wouldn't bring it up. If she does ask just say "We aren't seeing eye to eye right now." Eventually she isn't going to give two shits. I don't ever see my ex husband's bio mother but we are in touch with his step mom because she has been a good grandma. Before my divorce they were getting along and had a pretty closish relationship. My kid asked me one time we don't see "grandma in Georgia anymore" and I just told him "Well we're not getting along right now." I figure if he wants a relationship when he is older and has his own phone there is nothing stopping him from reaching out through his bio dad. That's his right. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it, but kids are like sponges and he pretty much understands why and didn't ever bring it up again. Just keep everything documented.

  3. I take my doggo to Atwoods, PetSmart, Home Depot, Lowes. and Barnes and Nobles It's a bit too hot for us to be on the porch or out in the heat somewhere. When the temperature cools we are hitting up the dog park so she can get used to other dogs and get trained to ignore them as a distraction while she works. I'm training my dog to be a service dog for PTSD. 😁

  4. I'm not the one obsessed with murder and the one who keeps bringing up dead babies and children. Why are you so obsessed with this? How many bodies you got in that crawl space? 🤔

  5. Not very confident about your reading comprehension but I am confident that you're not allowed to kill babies anymore.

  6. Ok Ted Bundy... You can stop talking about dead children now... We get it. You're an edgelord obsessed with crime who is a public menace.

  7. Not grasping at all. You’ve consistently read things in my comments that weren’t in any way there. That’s either delusion, or illiteracy.

  8. Ok? You agree with the fact that you’ve read things that weren’t there? Cool

  9. Hmmm... Nah. I've given this enough of my time and quit giving a shit about what you were saying a few posts back after the whole "but muh childhood" bit. May you find the help you truly need. It's just a Reddit thread. Chill lmao

  10. They need to fix what is broken with a focus on retention. If all the good teachers are leaving education what are you left with to teach these kids? Teachers that can't find jobs anywhere else and there is a reason they were struggling. Give educators respect and their planning time back. They don't get "paid for nothing over the summer" Their salary is for 180 days and is stretched out. Maybe quit having good teachers and paraprofessionals take on other teachers students who are "new and inexperienced" Maybe admin should step in those rooms and shadow instead of robbing a veteran teacher of their lunch and planning time everyday. It is illegal in any other job to not provide a break. And this "But don't you care about all of Waco's youth???" guilttrip every time they need to put more on an overworked teacher needs to stop. They are professionals not something for you to use and be a scapegoat. You want to know why there are so many vacancies? That's why. It's not just here in Waco. It's all over the state. I taught for awhile and bounced, got into a profession where I am respected, I can still provide for struggling youths, and I will NEVER look back unless some miracle happens and they fix the broken system. Instead of saying "what are the teachers doing wrong" you should be asking what is the TEA doing wrong. Take your issues to the proper channel and MAYBE those seats will be filled with people you will want teaching your child instead of just a random warm body collecting an "easy" check this coming school year. Waco ISD is hiring just about anyone with a pulse right now.

  11. As someone who suffers from CPSTD I want to cis-throat punch whoever cooked this up so hard they are trans-ported to another dimension. Who did this? Lol Don't be shy...I just wanna talk 😂

  12. As another person with CPTSD, can I join in?

  13. Yes, Texas is huge, and, no doubt Jewish people live in Texas, I never thought otherwise, and, I am sure a great many of them have the skill set to follow a recipe and make a Kosher Bagel, and they no doubt, might be some of the best Bagels in Texas, but, the main factor regarding the quality and texture of the Bagels, is the environment.

  14. Except there are kosher bagel stores here because there are kosher Jews here lol It has nothing to do with the "dough behaving differently" I am not sure where you got that information because in regards to food science that makes zero sense. There are a ton of bagel shops in NY because more polish Jews immigrated to New York and New Jersey than Texas. I'm not saying "the bagel is regional to Texas" You initially said there wasn't any good bagels in Texas period which is silly considering there are indeed kosher places scattered throughout the state who have family from the same wave of immigrants. So they aren't kosher enough because they don't live in NY? . Again, Texas is diverse and full of different cultures. It isn't my favorite place but I know that there are plenty of people who came here to settle that have been here for generations who make bomb ass food and represent their culture well no matter where they are. That is really weird dude. But I'm done arguing over bagels. This got weird and stereotypy

  15. Look, bagels in Texas suck compared to the East Coast, and it does not matter who makes them, kosher or not, all of them suck compared to East Coast bagels. End of Discussion.

  16. What kind of self centered person looks at this and thinks "waa waa! What about meee??" So how are you helping your situation? Do you even know what Meals on Wheels is? How about you go volunteer and find out.

  17. Step 1. Get punisher backgrounds installed on your phones. Step 2. Hide in the hallway with the police while kids are being killed.

  18. Don't forget the critical step of blaming the teachers and staff as well as harassing and threatening parents of the victims for months 💁‍♀️

  19. Well I tried to go here today. No soda machines and there won't be any sushi for 1 month to 3 months. They are still waiting for their sushi license. I didn't want to bother until they have their full menu.

  20. It honestly depends on who you ask. I went on opening day and I got the spicy beef ramen and it was fucking delicious. Also got some Rangoon's that were good too. I wanted takoyaki but they didn't have any of that or sushi.

  21. They had no sushi??? But they are advertised as a ramen AND sushi bar lol PS takoyaki is booomb

  22. The fuck does that have to do with anything? You're still a middle school drop out with a tiny wiener.

  23. Did you learn anything from pride month?? He’s literally a tranny and gay, you can’t be raising your tone and making accusations like that.

  24. Did you learn anything from wasting people's time with the lowest teir trollin anyone has ever seen?

  25. I think you misunderstood the OP's question. Yes, there's construction everywhere, but specifically for the past few days, particularly in the evening/at night, all of the I35 underpasses north of valley mills have been closed. This means that if, for example, you were near baylor campus and you want to go downtown, you have to go all the way down Lasalle and get on the circle and then the bridge over 35, then all the way back north to downtown again.

  26. Did you read the part right under that? Where they said:

  27. Cool. How does that change the fact they have been shutting stuff down BEFORE this and that it has been a hot mess for awhile? Lol You're just being obtuse.

  28. I'm amazed at how little people appear to care about covid in Waco. I feel like the only person wearing a mask in oublic.

  29. I mean did you expect less? They made a global health issue into a political statement. 🤷‍♀️

  30. Then simply show me where they gave specifics as to what was lost.

  31. At this point if you are still struggling it would be best just to stay confused. Because I could tell you over and over again until I'm blue in the face about how gentrification impacts the history of a town and you would still be like "👁👄👁 but how" just to be obtuse. We get it 🙄 You like dry cup cakes and worship TV personalities. Cool.

  32. I am in no way confused; you have yet to tell me one singular specific of history that was erased.

  33. Google it. I'm done xD Jesus Christ. Reminded me of when my son was three "👁👄👁 ok but why" "👁👄👁 ok but why" Maybe be more resourceful than a three year old xD

  34. That’s fair! I mean if I really think back, I guess their crawfish aren’t bad per se, and that is one thing that’s pretty hard to screw up.

  35. The only thing I ever get is crawfish and shrimp at those restaurants so I can't speak for anything else because I prefer to make that stuff at home. I'll try it next time though

  36. I’m 100% sure it’s better at your house. That’s awesome you know how to make all that! Can I bring the family by? Lol

  37. "Someone who doesn't want to become autistic and/or doesn't feel they should become autistic" Is "transautistic" some sort of Transformer? "Look out ATypical Prime! CisTron is coming in fast with all the other DeceptoTistics!"

  38. No. I want laws that are fair on miscarriage and similar. I think it's best,for example, to only arrest abortion "doctors" and not the women. This protects them from being investigated over a simple miscarriage. It's a tricky situation but I pray that we can navigate it.

  39. Soooo you're cool with a baby being born suffocating and killing the mom anyway? Cause that happens sometimes whether the baby is wanted or not. You don't think that's a "reasonable" for some parents to go through with a procedure like that? There are babies who develop with no brain and who are missing other vital organs but their heart still beats. If that is not a "reasonable" enough reason to then not only are you truly the dumbest motherfucker here, you're also a monster.

  40. Of course it's reasonable. The examples I gave are only examples and I'm sure you knew that. I'd want everything done to save both lives but if that is simply not possible, then you deal with that

  41. At this point you are doing nothing but contradicting yourself for karma and that is just really sad. I'm going to stop because I think you did a good job on your own outing yourself as a garbage person.

  42. My "first impression" of this California clownshoes is he should stick to surfing and keep himself far away from this town. Not only was this a horribly demeaning article from the jump, the sentence structure, grammatical errors, and just overall layout was just atrocious. Who compares the very real tragedy of to the Branch Davidians to the FICTIONAL movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre? <-< "Our flashy green Audi" is the weirdest flex I have ever seen written. This was all over the place. Waco isn't my favorite town, but this is a very obtuse take. Even when he tried to redeem himself after he copy and pasted that stuff about the Branch Davidian compound by saying it is "more than the tragedy" there was a glint of condescending tones. The bulk of this article was just trash talk about Waco and him being wrong about it with some Wikipedia quotes pasted in there. I would have loved to read an actual, thoughtful review of Waco Surf, but this ain't it.

  43. Well...Craigslist helped my (soon to be ex) husband in meeting sub-par side pieces. So avoid that. Majority of women there are obese and desperate that would take anything that blinks apparently. I know...made me question my worth, but therapy has taught me that sociopaths like him have narcissistic tendencies that aim for women that are submissive and easily accessible.

  44. I didn't even know Craigslist still existed. I can't imagine the "quality" of people soliciting "dates" on there. That's just asking to bring home something that Dawn soap can't wash off. I hope you got tested.

  45. Absolutely got tested. I do believe I did catch 3rd hand covid from one of these festering petri dishes

  46. I am truly sorry you went through that. I had a narcissist ex husband too. <-< Glad he is out of my hair

  47. I am not surprised. There needs to more regulation on what these "investors" are allowed to do. They need to stop these bidding wars on these trap houses.

  48. As if we needed another fucking chicken place.

  49. Right? It is seriously just spicy Cane's with more sides. I've been to the Plano location. It is nothing special. I wish we were getting a Cowboy Chicken. Now THAT is something different when it comes to chicken. Lots of variety besides tenders.

  50. I thought this store was actually a restaurant like Franklin Mac House. When we pulled up I was so disappointed, yet relieved that Fraklin Mac House still reigns supreme. Maybe if they served mac and cheese along with their apple products they would be open. What a missed opportunity for marketing.

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