Mark Cuban started a pharmaceutical company with reasonable prices, and some of the drugs they provide are barely even 0.5% of the price that other pharmaceutical companies charge (especially for leukemia medication)!!!

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  • By - jzbe

  1. As someone who recently got into gardening, I love this idea ☺️

  2. I am a sucker for unusual vegetables, so I have a huge wishlist for

  3. I just checked them out. So cool!!! I’m definitely going to be making a wishlist too ☺️

  4. Are you a AAA member, by chance? I was able to get a new license plate through them.

  5. Saks Off 5th Avenue has an amazing selection at discounted prices. Also, Nordstrom Rack.

  6. I'm loving Tula purifying face cleanser. It's cruelty free unlike Cetaphil. And the smell is lovely.

  7. Agreed. The best face wash I’ve tried!

  8. I love hearing about billionaires using their money for good. It’s about time! Bravo, Mark!

  9. That episode is the one and only episode that had me feeling sick to my stomach. It scared the shit out of me.

  10. It kind of baffles me that even though the Kardashians have all the money in the world to hire a really professional and highly educated nanny, they hire a sloppy 20 something year-old (from what I’ve gathered from looking at her TikTok). I just don’t get it.

  11. Thank you so much for the advice! I admit, I only watched one video tutorial that had me combine fruit, sugar, and water. Sounds like it’s much more complex than I anticipated!

  12. NTA. You provided them a free homemade dinner and she finds reasons to complain? SMH.. what is wrong with people?

  13. Ologies! Every episode is so good and I always learn new interesting facts

  14. 😂 I had a pet groundhog on the farm! We came to an agreement and I planted him a 12x16 patch right outside his borrow. I would seasonally plant kale, peas, beets and whatever else I felt like giving him. So long as I kept his little garden looking good he stayed out of the fields. All of my farmer friends made fun of me for not turning him into a hat but I enjoyed my little chubby buddy. After a couple years he finally trusted me and would come out and have a fruit treat with me while I had a cup of coffee and watched the sunrise over the high tunnels every morning. His name was ‘Hat the Groundhog.’

  15. This is the most wholesome and heartwarming story I’ve heard in a while 🥺

  16. I’m obsessed with the 2nd outfit!

  17. Kourtney’s entire personality is Travis.

  18. He really loves his kids. It was heartwarming to see him with them.

  19. Agreed! My favorite part of the episode 🥺

  20. It’s so eye opening to see someone grow up with such privilege that they’ve never had to use a knife in their life…I truly don’t think she’s chopped anything before until this moment.

  21. kourtney: “do we want red wine or do you want saki?” travis: “whatever my baby wants” 🚩🚩🚩🚨🚨🚨

  22. Can someone send a link to watch?? 💕Nothing is playing for me??

  23. I’m not convinced she’ll show up. She’s very unreliable.

  24. This is terrifying, and I love it.

  25. I just began growing calendula as well. I have little experience but I started the seedlings outdoors as I don’t have any great areas indoors. They seem to be doing well outdoors in zone 10.

  26. This is beyond cruel!! WTF!! To do this and then post it online!! What is wrong with her?!

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