1. Kamomedai wins in straight sets pretty easily I would say. Nekoma is known for their defence and Kamomedai essentially does most things defensively better than them. Plus they have a very proficient offence with korai and the other 6’8 guy on the wing. I don’t think they have enough offence to keep up.

  2. I actually think Ichibayashi is underrated. I chose this team because a) I do actually think they are underrated and b) generally most people in the fandom have a reasonable ranking of teams with only one or two I may disagree with, and they aren't normally consistent, so I don't have like a main team that I think is underrated constantly. I think that uninjured Itachimiya is seen as one of, if not the strongest teams we see play but I think people are underrating a hypothetical Ichibayashi. They beat Fukurodani with a fired up Bokuto and freakin Kamomedai who looked like the best team we'd seen save some Hinata plot armor BS. Some of this might be power creep but I think Kamomedai were the best team in the series and Ichibayashi being able to beat them should put them up with uninjured Itachimiya imo.

  3. Is there any info out about ichibayashi? because it’s crazy they came in and beat a very talented Kamomedai and Furkrodani team and their not discussed at all. I would agree that Kamomedai is probably the best team overall, they were just so consistent in every category and Korai is probably the best player in the series at that point.

  4. I mean it depends on how much you want to spend. Starting from volume 8 in the manga and going forward would be cheaper but if your down to buy all the volumes from the start then it wouldn’t hurt plus it doesn’t take very long to catch up. I started the Manga after season 1 but either way is good.

  5. I think Nekoma is far too defensive for Hinata, he thrives in a offensive based system which Nekoma is not. I don’t think he would have had as many opportunities to perfect his spiking or jumping abilities in Nekomas system. Lev could still develop into a good middle blocker along side Tsuki at Karasuno. Plus Kageyama would be giving him sets so his offence would improve as well. So overall I would go with Lev at Karasuno.

  6. Before I start don’t read this if you haven’t read the manga:

  7. Definitely underrated in the arc, he was a great way to introduce the sternritters and their abilities. I would acc rank him higher than some of the other ones later in the story he would have acc put up a fight in the first invasion compared to a few other quinces.

  8. Is this a one piece charachter? I wouldn’t know if so, I’m still on whole cake island lol I need to catch up. Looks like it though.

  9. Yeah it’s a one piece character, I won’t say too much in case of spoilers for you but he’s one of my favourite character designs in the series.

  10. I mean it’s just one of those things right, the industry is in Japan so their not saddled with the costs of translation etc… I’m jealous they get volumes earlier like for instance their up to volume 21 or something of jujutsu kaisen in Japan and 17 only just released here. In Canada I think we pay like $15 a book (including tax) so even more than the US and other places. It’s worth it tho for the material I’m just happy we get the books at all lol

  11. Askin’s death-dealing is very creative and also probably Judgram’s “the balance” I wish we got to see more of it in action.

  12. My favourite shikai is probably Shunsui’s since I find it so creative. I think it’s one of Kubo’s best work and designs. I also like how it incorporates the innocence of childrens games but the violent intent of a soul reaper captain. My favourite bankai, probably Byakuya just because it’s a classic.

  13. I always think of that too. A 6v6 RPG would be awesome.

  14. The momentum meter would be very cool. It would make a lot of sense for a team like Inarizaki which thrives off of momentum. I hope we get a game sometime too!

  15. The animation looks absolutely amazing and the art style was the perfect choice for this arc. Can’t wait to see it on October 10th!

  16. Imagine if Barragan’s gran ray cero also had the same ability his release had so you would just decay if it hit you

  17. I think most of these are things just simply weren’t discussed or focused on during the arc. The visoreds not using their masks might be just an oversight by Kubo and or they just weren’t the focus of the arc and it had already been shown previously. Shinji didn’t get really any attention in the arc but maybe that will change a bit in the anime who knows.

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