1. Gilmore Girls: The revival was a little too on the nose. Didn't like that much. But the original has a few things going for it. A cozy small town. A main character that's smart and full of promise. A bit of family drama. Side characters that feel like real friends you might know. It's just a nice, familiar show to revisit.

  2. Interesting thing about Malcolm in the Middle to me is how they capture the transition from GenX to Millennial upbringings. The oldest brother is Xennial and still had a lock key raising. The parents were still young hippies fresh out of college at the time. They soon recognize their error and have their other children with more maturity and expertise.

  3. The general consensus I've seen I several different sources is older millenials came into the workforce right before and during when the 2008 housing crisis and depression hit. Then they also were hit by Covid and its ensuing economic recession aftermath in their 30s. This cohort also has much more college or student loan debt, plus consumer debt to pay off. So they were hit twice by hard economic times while in younger adulthood, plus high costs of living, education and little job security.

  4. They might but someone born in 1990 was only 18 in 2008, so yes, affected perhaps but overall they were barely entering the workforce then. 90s born generally missed the 2008 one as they were too young overall to be in the workforce then. However...90s born definitely carry a great deal of student loan debt.

  5. https://www.vox.com/first-person/2019/12/4/20993441/generation-x-recession-boomers-millennials-xennials

  6. Can't speak for c/o 07(I'm sure it's the same for them), but c/o of 05 and 03 are within the same cohort. You're experience may be different, but you're in the minority, over all, there's no differences.

  7. Generally. I shared classes with class of 04 and 06. They were above and below me. Certainly saw plenty of 03, like during break or in the hall. I almost dated someone from that class.

  8. Oh it's you ZombiePure2852. I didn't even look to see the name, just seen the comment lol. How the hell are ya? And yeah we're the same cohort.

  9. I'm all right. Just another slow day. Just hanging in there, like most LoL How are you?

  10. Sorry to hear that. 30s are stressful, but I am optimistic for better days ahead.

  11. I don’t think all polls should be banned. Some are fun and creative.

  12. Listen to this person ☝️ They're from 1984, they know what they are saying!

  13. Is this year closer to this year questions are confusing to me? I've seen some interesting responses but often don't know what they are asking?

  14. I'm gonna say modern '90s kid. I was a kid in the classic range too.

  15. im from 1988 i grew up with my grandparrents got the same parrenting as my parrents i deffently do not merge with the gen Y i see myself more as a gen x however i know im not therefore i determine im more a xennial

  16. A lot of this is arbitrary. You can call yourself Xennial if you like. Not unusual to feel out of place in the generation, especially among '80s borns. However, most might be skeptical, bc you are only a year older than everyone's most prized celebrity millennials: Harry Potter and Taylor Swift. Kind of a weak excuse I know, but that's likely the argument you'll hear here.

  17. Those were good times. But like everything, had their ups and downs. Course eather way both millennial and GenZ are pretty depressed.

  18. Hoping you were here. Since when did we become 90s teens. I'm solid 90s kid, 2000s teen!

  19. You know those ranges are not accurate it. What you see online is not always true.

  20. Some cite had this. Figured you would get mad. Don't agree with it, but it is true when people talk Xennial I kind of relate. And I know people from 1975 who actually fit in very well with millennials. Hard to say, but think there are generational differences but you can still gather people from 1975 to 1991 or so and find they'll feel a solidarity. Like that movie This is the End with James Franco and Emma Watson.

  21. I'm good with an 83/4 start. Where do you start millennials?

  22. These kids are definitely Zoomers. Not whatever this fake “Gen Alpha” crap is.

  23. Why are questions like these that keep getting asked on here? All this is doing is creating division and incorrectly leaving people out of their own peer groups.

  24. I know man, it's ridiculous! They need to stop trying to cut our generation in half. Mid and late 80s DIDN'T grow up vastly different from one another in anyway, yet these idiots want to make their OPINIONS, and that's all it is is opinions, actual facts. They need to understand you can't change facts. They're dealing with real people's lives. Just because they see it one way from their POV, doesn't change how things really were.

  25. Thanks! Yeah it's annoying. Don't know where all the people our age are? I joined this sub expecting more 30 somethings bitching about the economy or whatever. Not a bunch of high schoolers telling me I'm not a true millennial because I don't have the same birthday as Justin Bieber or whatever 😂

  26. Bro thats crazy. 1986 is for sure part of the apex millennial.

  27. Thank you! More people on here need to acknowledge that. Having lived it, if you accept 87 and 88, you have to accept 86 too. Zero difference in how 86-88ers grew up. 85 and 84 marked the generational transition for me. Nothing wrong calling 89-91core, but splitting these years up gets ridiculous.

  28. It would be way better than this. But I don’t define generations by graduating class.

  29. You probably should cp4. Think more need to. Classes have the real shared experiences now. Better than lumping a whole year together when they were actually in different grades , so graduated at different times.

  30. There's no way anyone born past 2000 would be considered a millennial, not I'm the slightest.

  31. Gotta disagree with you on that one @aliveandThriving06. Several legitimate definitions end as late as 2001 or 2004.

  32. Saw that. People now think a microgeneration is bigger than an actual generation.

  33. Most would disagree actually. Shift it 1 year later and I would agree

  34. I agreed with this before until someone from the Millennial sub mentioned quote on quote that he was too old for Harry Potter and he was born in 85. 85 borns also was done with high school when MySpace was popular. Only after learning that I think that 85 might just be on the early side but still a Millennial.

  35. Probably. In terms of Harry Potter the movies probably looking at Sept 1986 and after as more target audience. I remember the first movie coming out. The cast was in middle school while we were a few grades ahead. It still peaked our interest (class of 05/late 86- mid 87), and we have a general feeling of having grown up with them. The series ended with them graduating Hogwarts about the time we would be up in our senior year of college or so. Albeit as a late 86er I know I am older than those people.

  36. If statistics are defined by the US Census, then the actual range is 1982 to 2000.

  37. Class of 2003 were the first true Millennial class (late 84- mid 85). I would consider 1984 borns as still on the Xennial spectrum, personally. But yeah, the dreaded 40 is creeping up on us true Millennials.

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