1. Based matchup with some based art, very very nice. Incredibly thematic

  2. I need to become more of a nuisance and get one of my MUs a flair

  3. Who is your favorite fearless hero? Who is your favorite fearless hero?

  4. Unless the biblical angels show up. I've seen some fan rosters who's gimmick is that they volund with angels. Granted, I've seen angels show up on rosters too, so give and take. Granted, my personal roster consists of humans who don't need a volund, so more give and take

  5. Noctus (FF7) for a "how the fuck did you both get into Tekken 7" MU (joke fight)

  6. As a matchup, it made me discover that I'm not a fan of Original vs Ripoff MUs. I've been wanting Deathstroke vs Taskmaster for years when Deadpool has came back two more goddamn times, not even counting Darknos. But the episode was great and it had a fantastic animation.

  7. Part of me hopes so. I just hope they wait till JJK and CSM are done cooking before they do Denji vs Yuji

  8. Still my favorite Frieza MU. I don't care what Herald wankers say, Frieza went from being around on par with Blue to nonchalantly one shotting UI, he has a shot.

  9. Goddamn, these are solid. Love seeing a unique Judas design, his energy just feels right. And the straightjacket for Set is perfect, very nice

  10. I feel like Wick wins when things get up close, but it depends if things even get to that point

  11. Musashi Miyamoto (Vagabond), Thorfin (Vinland Saga), and Guts (Berserk)

  12. Why... why do some of these exist? Prime vs Rose and Prime vs Dom, wut

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