1. I had also hired a nutritionist and ate clean/disciplined. And I took Citrus Bergamont to improve cholesterol after anavar lowered my HDL previously

  2. during cycle did you take any tudca or nac? If you did how many mg did you take to prevent liver damage?

  3. It helps burn fat and build lean, hard muscle. No water weight. But you gotta do cardio if you really want to get extra lean. Planning to do a post of my bloodwork results for everyone to see.

  4. Have you gotten blood work done yet? If you have did it have any impacts on lipids and test?

  5. What happened? I’m trynna save money and get fly. The fresher I dress the more bitches I pull

  6. Cause he’s fat if he changes position his knee could snap. Don’t get him running he probably brake one of his ankles

  7. Both, it’s shows the quality and texture of the products better

  8. What you’re saying sounds like a joke but the sad reality is I think you’re being completely serious

  9. I have a pair of VT batch dunks and they looked better than my friends retails. The leather on the shoes were so bad I thought they got lower quality fakes.

  10. Just cause they’re reps doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat them like retails. The more you take care of the shoes the more people will think they are retails

  11. Just got a cf124060 also with f80 clasp code, is there any news on this?

  12. I ordered a supposed arf bracelet from CTime and he told me that arf makes the bracelet for clean. I’m guessing it could be the new clasp code but hasn’t been confirmed. Which TD did you purchase the watch from ?

  13. I got a 2.4 mm gasket that worked on a crystal swap.

  14. I looked it up. I’m gonna take a guess where but to me it looks like a VS3235?

  15. Are you saying it might be a VR3235? I just took a video of the movement. I think it might be VS3235 but if it’s not please let me know because it would mean I got a fake VSF.

  16. Smokin my opps, fuckin bitches, and getting money

  17. In the picture is the watch stock without any mods? The light is bouncing like crazy off the watch

  18. Thanks Miro! I just bought a VSF Sub from you and will probably buy a blue datejust or AP. After I make my next purchase it will be the 3rd watch I bought from you.

  19. If I had a deep crystal on my C+ factory GMT, I still preferred the VSF over it.

  20. I’ve heard that the C+ factory uses the deep crystal. Is the VSF clearer?

  21. Eric has big dick energy for this. Merry Christmas!

  22. Start slow and easy. Try talking to people in places where your likely to not see them again. That way if it’s awkward you won’t have to see them again and it won’t matter that much. Don’t just throw yourself out there and be awkward some people will be mean.

  23. I’m having issues loading some of my vocal presets and without some of the folders they don’t work like they used to

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