1. Warrior Fatboys. You want really strong hard plastic and make sure you have the bicep guards included. If you don’t have them already, you’re also going to need really hard kidney pads. Warrior makes Fatboy kidney guards too.

  2. Gonna second this, I use the Warrior Fatboy rib/kidney guards and can definitely recommend them

  3. The best option is gonna be either rec specs or contacts depending on your preference. I personally can't wear contacts and prefer glasses anyway, so I wear rec specs. There's different types, the Wiley X Fierce Youth is what I wear and can definitely recommend. Great multi-purpose rec specs, they fit pretty well under the helmet, they actually look pretty good, and they're both good quality and good price. Depending on the seller they're in the $110-$160 range, roughly. You can either wear them with or without the 'goggle' type strap that attaches to them and helps keep them on your head (it comes with the rec specs, or at least it did when I got mine). Just like contacts or regular glasses, you go to the eye doc and get the prescription for your lenses. As for contacts, if you go with those, your eye doctor can help you out with them.

  4. You can contact the card center via email and request to change to a specific meal plan, be sure to include your UIN in the request.

  5. Thanks, I emailed them and it looks like it's taken care of!

  6. My son had the same problem, couldn’t wear the R or S. See if you can find a CPV-R. They are smaller than the R or S. They actually have a size printed on the label inside the helmet. A small or medium should work.

  7. I had the same issue with ones like the R or S being too big on me on even the tighest settings, while the CPV-R in the right size fits me perfectly. Honestly the CPV-R is a solid option, and it's better to have an older and cheaper helmet that actually fits right, versus a newer model that's loose and doesn't fit properly.

  8. I played as a (women’s) goalie for 7 years (middle + high school), did club, travelled, played year round, and played at least 50% of those games as the only goalie so feel free to PM me. I’ve also coached youth goalies, men and women, from 5th grade to high school.

  9. What knee pads do you recommend? I picked up a pair of volleyball knee pads before I started playing goalie, but if there's anything better or more mobile, I'll take a look at that

  10. In addition to the above list, don't forget goalie specific gloves! I had a pretty bad broken thumb when I first got in cage because I was wearing my normal gloves

  11. This. Get a pair of STX Cell V if you can, they are the most protective. That thumb protection is crucial for goalies.

  12. I like the Max as well, I've taken hits hard enough to knock me into the ground and give me deep leg bruises that last for weeks, but I feel absolutely nothing through the shoulder pads, lol. I wear them with box rib guards and there is really not much that can get thru that setup

  13. Thanks. I’m not sure if it’s just a mental thing but I think it helps me control the ball better

  14. I use the Mirage 2.0 too and it's awesome, I love it. I use a mid pocket as well and it works great

  15. while all the options here are really good, i’ve been using a mirage 2.0 on my carbon, and it has amazing hold… also, for any lax gear, try lax.com. they have a rewards system and everything

  16. I agree, I love the mirage 2.0, it's amazing for attack

  17. Thanks! Yeah don't know what position I'm playing yet, but I used to play middie. I don't know how many people like to body check in this league (it's NFHS so all legal) so figure it's a good idea for shoulder and upper arm protection. Also if hockey has taught me anything it's that you can take an errant shot anywhere at anytime, so it pays to be prepared.

  18. It definitely pays to protect yourself, even when my team does just pickup games, I wear my full gear because I really don't need to get some random (and totally preventable) injury. Shit happens and honestly, I prefer playing in full gear anyway.

  19. For helmets, I'd say if there is one piece of gear you get new, it should be helmet. Well, that and shoulder pads. But yeah, if you have to pick one to buy new and not used, go with helmet. I'm smaller than you are and the "one size fits most" ones do not fit me even on the smallest adjustments, so I wear a XXS CPV-R. Definitely try on a newer model like the S and see if it fits, but if it doesn't, the CPV-R is still a good helmet imo. It fits well and I can see well in it, and while it's a bit of an older model, it's a good helmet.

  20. The way your stick is strung is up to personal preference. I left the stock mesh on my main head (it was pre-strung) and adjusted it until it worked well for me.

  21. I did the same thing, I've used stock mesh and strings on all of my sticks and only made minor adjustments/fixes if I needed to. It's all based on personal preference. Sometimes factory stringing is fine, sometimes it's not. People have such mixed experiences and opinions that it's best to just try things out for yourself.

  22. If you want to stick with ECD get the Mirage 2.0, the DNA has some good weight to it and it’s noticeable (to me at least) but if you are down to try other brands the Gait Torque 2, Maverik Optik, and the STX Stallion or Surgeon are great options. The Torque 2 is going to be the lightest out of all of those options

  23. I can second this, I use the Mirage 2.0 when I play attack, and I love it. Only thing I'll use. It's really light and maneuverable, has a great face shape for passing, shooting, etc, and is also nicely durable. Imo it's also good for both one and two handed cradling (I use a pretty versatile mid-low pocket with a shooter and a nylon, I can't speak to how other setups do).

  24. sorry for the late reply, I know there were flyers at one point in the SRC and because it's registration time I'm sure there might be some back out. If not, try going to the SRC when the classes are in session to watch some of what they do

  25. I got my registration taken care of with what I think should be a pretty easy class, but I'll make sure to look at those flyers for future reference. Thanks!

  26. What is your major? CGE 396: Topics in Language, Culture, and Society is being offered this fall with two different topics. The first is Ecolinguistics: Language, Nature, and Our Stories and the second course is Social Justice & Literacy for Immigrant - and Refugee-background Learners. No pre-reqs required for either course. They are both 3 credits and not one, but they are electives open to any major.

  27. Thanks! I'll keep these in mind. My major is marine biology

  28. Congrats! Wall ball is always a good idea, and work on both left and right hands. Off-hand is really tough at first but it's worth starting to work on that early on

  29. Everyone else beat me to Pro 7 and CPXR lol

  30. Mouthguards in general can be a pain in the ass to get fitting right. I had to redo mine several times. If you can get this one to fit tho it's worth it, it's one of the best mouthguards out there.

  31. Is it maybe too big or too small? I think they come in multiple sizes in both adult and youth. Is it clunky and hard to talk with, or does it not quite fit over your teeth?

  32. I used to be in lacrosse specific restaurants And this has always been an issue on the womens side. Sadly, the manufacturers don’t really consider glasses in to their designs. Ask your optometrist about prescription eye protection kinda like rec specs. I believe there is an option that also doubles as an option to wear for lacrosse.

  33. I don't know if mine would work for wlax, as I wear them under my helmet rather than wear contacts or my regular glasses, but they're sports glasses/goggles (and shatter-proof afaik) that can be worn for various sports. I'd ask the coach, optometrist, etc to double-check, but they're called the Wiley X Fierce. They can be worn with or without a strap, and the strap is basically like a goggle strap that keeps them on your head. They also look pretty decent if that matters at all, and they're not bulky or annoying.

  34. When I've broken fingers in the past I've been told to sit out and let it heal in order to not cause any long term problems or making it worse. I wouldn't want to risk messing it up long term or causing further injury. What I would say to do to help it heal is to get a splint from CVS. Sitting out sucks ass, but it's probably better in the long run.

  35. Looking to get a new attack stick. Thoughts on the mirage 2.0 vs stx 900 and for the shaft, ecd carbon 3 or warrior evo qx carbon? thanks

  36. I've used the mirage 2.0 for attack and loved it. I don't use carbon shafts, so idk how much I can say there, but I think I've heard that the warrior evo qx is durable?

  37. That is good advice - We will check on the stick and gloves.

  38. Check out the STX Cell IV for gloves.They've got great thumb and overall protection, and they come in a good range of sizes (I'm about 4'11" and wear the size small, which can be hard to find).

  39. Sportstop and Lacrosse Unlimited are good. I'd definitely get helmet and chest protector new so you can know they're not damaged, other stuff you can look for on Sideline Swap

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