1. Supporting a sin is like causing the sin. Alcohol is a sin. If someone asked for money telling you he's going to buy alcohol with it and you said "okay I support your choice" and gave it to him, you would be sinful even if you believe he is doing wrong. The fact that you aided him in that would make you sinful just the same.

  2. Okay then..can I be her friend still but not bring up the fact that shes apart of the lgbtq community? Can I be her friend and not support her at the same time?

  3. Bro honestly if you can fight it, fight it. It becomes a horrible addiction. But generally, it hurts at least a little all the time, because to get the stuff out of you, you need to force A LOT your throat. Once I accidentally cuted my throat because of my nail and it hurt to breathe lmao

  4. Lolol sorry about your throat then🤭 &sorry if I’m bothering you but I have another question, what do you think is a good beginner food to throw up😋?

  5. It's fine bro I never thought of a food that is good for throwing up because I did with all of them lmfao, but if you are really willing to deal with the addiction later I'd say to not do it with industrialized products. I study a lot of biochemistry and the reaction of the chemicals and your stomach acid can severely damage your throat AND your lungs, so please be careful

  6. Thanks for your helpful advice, I’ll only try it once just for my curiosity.

  7. Can anyone give him advice, cause I have the same problem with the upcoming presentations I’ll be doing..so bear in mind that I’ll also be reading your advice. My anxiety is so strong that I’m getting nervous about just thinking about it.

  8. Are you currently in the UK? If so, on what visa.

  9. What really made my passion for it blow up was getting out of tutorial hell. I have classes later but I’ve been self teaching for awhile. Recently I built a decent website with pretty minimal google and no tutorials- that made my excitement for it shoot through the roof. Felt the power. So be patient, it gets more exciting the more you learn.

  10. LOL I’m currently in tutorial hell😂I’ll be patient, thank you so much for your reply it means a lot💛

  11. You may long for a suitable purpose for your programming skills. Everybody "burns out" from what they are trained to do from time to time. Don't try to love coding, try to use coding to help a cause you believe in. Sometimes the cause is paying your bills and feeding your family, sometimes it's different things. As a programmer, you can work in any number of industries. Personally, I've worked for hospitals, telecom companies, casinos, banks, charities, audio equipment manufacturers and more. If you hate your JOB, but blame it on being chained to your computer, there's plenty of other work out there. As for mental health, see a therapist. I never wanted to, but eventually did and was helped greatly. My therapist was more a teacher than anything, and what I learned changed my life. First was "Non violent communication" from a book by Marshal Rosenberg. Improved all my personal and professional relationships. Next was "Constructive Living" by David Reynolds, a combination of two eastern therapies that gave me an outlook on gratitude and staying productive. I've been through depression, divorce, bankruptcy, and the loss of my parents. You were smart enough to learn programming. I am confident you can learn about your mental health and how to take steps in a positive direction. I did.

  12. I’m incredibly grateful for your reply💛 I can say without a doubt that I would come back here to read your comment from time to time just to stay motivated :)) and your right I think I need to find some cause I’m interested in so I don’t program without motivation. I’ll also check out those books, they sound interesting👀

  13. I would leave everything behind to ask the crystal empath people to save us by going to the explosions to spread their positivity & healing to stop nuclear explosions and war in general😃👍

  14. I try to get it over with to be honest;by going to the gatherings my family holds every Eid…it’s kind of sad to admit but it takes a lot of patience and control to get ready before I leave every Eid morning..for example what I do is get ready mentally telling myself that I would greet everyone and then go find my cousin to sit with or sit in a corner with my phone to stop my hands from shaking, overall I try to map out my whole day to be ready for it..It also helps me a lot to feel like I’m dressed well for the occasion as to not feel insecure about myself.

  15. I think Brett has a crush on her, in that 80s episode ehrn Brett mom asks him about Reagan he blushes tho

  16. Oh yeah your right I forgot about that. Also in Brett’s tender description he perfectly described wanting a relationship with a person like Reagan.

  17. Very uninvested either way and would be happy with either route taken. However, it’s damn near shameful how much I appreciate a good couple shipping name a Breagan isn’t too bad of one. Plus I could see both him using that and her hating it, which I would enjoy.

  18. It would be really interesting and funny to see Brett telling Reagan about their ship name lolol

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