1. You don't want to be using your Valkyries for synchro summons.

  2. They tried and the test didn't result in a better deck

  3. Fluffal isn't viable. You're not going to have much of a chance with anything besides Ishizu Tear

  4. If there was an alternative the card wouldn't have its price tag.

  5. How important is Alba lenatus for branded despia and how many copies do you actually need?

  6. You play just 1 and I wouldn't say it is mandatory but it is very good. It gives you an autowin button against some decks.

  7. He went to get cigarettes with my dad, I'm sure he'll be back any day soon.

  8. Don't think we have Psychic End Punisher either, very sad.

  9. There is literally no synergy between the two archetypes.

  10. Some commonality between monsters doesn't mean they'll play well together. Armed Protector Dragon is also a level 8 light monster but wouldn't see play in either decks.

  11. No your opponent can not Solemn Strike the effect as it does not activate.

  12. You're not going to find any ritual deck right now that can compete. The best bet is probably Drytron but it is a combo deck and doesn't compare to Ishizu Tear.

  13. What denial? They picked a good deck and will pick up the next best deck. They have no need to seethe and mald like the casual elitist because they picked a good deck that plays the game

  14. Should peep their post history, they're actually delusion.

  15. I can't wait to see you post after Spright and Tear start fucking your shit up, you're going to wish they'd not released them.

  16. No Red-Eyes deck is going to be competitive, it doesn't matter what you do to it. Konami are going to have to release good Red-Eyes cards that knee cap the meta for them to be competitive like Blue-Eyes got back in the day.

  17. Look up One Touch Case think that might work for you.

  18. It isn't viable at all. You're playing so many bad traps and not even playing the best zombie support monster, Uni-Zombie.

  19. Because a majority of the player base on EDOpro are hyper casual.

  20. This is a nice idea in theory but this mode will have its own meta too. What do you do then? Make another mode and another till you can only play the worst cards in the game?

  21. That doesn't stop that mode getting flooded with good cards either.

  22. You can probably have a look on Youtube, just type something like Ancient Gear 2022. Just know that what you're going to get isn't going to be good.

  23. I guess it depends on what you got exposed to first. Like these don't jump to my mind since I never watched ZeXal.

  24. Your same argument can be said for the opposite. And just because you have fallen in line and gotten use to the BS doesnt mean we all have to.

  25. You know how you can make a difference? Stop playing the game, if you're this heated about the game you think is ruined, stop playing it.

  26. Or I can be vocal about it like everyone else on YouTube/Forums and pray Konami listen, they did for Drytron partially and they heard the Mystic Mine rants.

  27. Yea they hit Mystic Mine when it literally didn't even matter any more. Konami isn't going to be scouring reddit for people whining and handtraps are here to stay, if they weren't we would have steered away from that design space years ago.

  28. Cards that are banished face down do not have any properties tied to them besides the fact they are cards and banished. They don't have a known type or name. This is not a bug.

  29. As a rule of thumb, cards do exactly as they say. So if the card says Add a Magical Musket card, then you can add a Magical Musket card.

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