1. Except it doesn't allow you to use prepaid phones, so if you're too poor or too young to sign up for a post paid contract you're SOL.

  2. Maybe its region specific but I used a prepaid number for my battlenet account in NZ.

  3. So why do they still have it for CoD then?

  4. I feel like we've had this announcement 2 or 3 times now.

  5. Rebel Moon and Red Notice 2 on the big screen 🙏

  6. Probably helped having Nintendo's involvement it looks fantastic like it could be a next gen Mario game.

  7. Right!? It legitimately looks like a 3D Mario game. Amazing stuff.

  8. Very curious to see how the ad tier is priced will Netflix base it on quality like the current plans?

  9. I guess Anthem hasn't reached <1% of peak players across all EA titles then...

  10. I recently started another playthrough I'm probably half way through hopefully they let me finish it. I've been having a blast jumping in again sucks so much they cancelled Anthem 2.0. They didn't even give it a chance

  11. It was great. But I kind of love the entire Craig run in all of it's ups and downs.

  12. I'll always have a soft spot for Craig's Bond. He was the first Bond I really paid attention to and followed his story line.

  13. He'll yes! Now we just need Ghosts 2 and Infinite Warfare 2.

  14. Deal will not close in November. Even if FTC rules in November, UK's regulatory body rules in March, and estimated date of completion of the deal is June. It might be a few months earlier (it wouldn't surprise me if it closes around April), but November is absurd.

  15. The DOJ also has to approve it. I'd say it's on track to close sometime next summer earliest closing would be Q1 imo.

  16. That movie shook me… I don’t know if I can watch it again. A+. 💀🔥

  17. I've only ever seen it once it's not a movie you can easily rewatch.

  18. Yea unfortunately I could never figure out how to get the stand on it lol.

  19. This is just dumb. Firstly, it's been out what, a week?

  20. It came out earlier in the year as a PC/ PS exclusive...

  21. For me I just don’t like Arkane’s games. It felt very much like Dishonoured and I really don’t like those games. I thought I’d give it a go anyway and ended up uninstalling about 20 minutes or so into it.

  22. Arkanes games are always way overhyped for what they are.

  23. I remember when Disney bought 20th century fox they had to sell off some assets in the tv/sports sector to get it approved otherwise it would of been a straight up monopoly. I highly doubt anything like that would happen here. This thing will more then likely go through without a hitch. Sony and Jim Ryan complaining is just pure desperation.

  24. Worst case scenario would be the deal gets blocked in the UK and they have make some concessions and guarantees before the EU regulators approve it. The CMA are on schedule so hopefully they are being logical and fair in their review. And Sony aren't paying any regulators under the table to try and block this.

  25. Surprised no ones said Sam Raimi. Man knows his horror movies.

  26. Wonder if it's possibly the same crew that hit the Albany store a few days ago?

  27. The extended edition adds in a better introduction to jake and more backstory to grace and the Na’vi. In my opinion those additions make the film better. There’s other smaller additions but they don’t effect the film in any major way. I’d say watch it.

  28. I agree with all of that but...for me personally the theatrical cuts pacing is much better. I do enjoy the extra footage in the extended cut but the cut feels paced much slower overall and feels like it takes a lot longer for the story to really get going. When I saw the re-release I did miss the earth based opening. I think they should have added it. Adds a lot of context.

  29. Y’all don’t pay your internet bill?

  30. Weak argument. Internet does more than just play games.

  31. Simply put: PC has a lot of upfront costs, but you save money in the long term. Consoles are the opposite: Cheap to start off with, but costs a lot long term.

  32. I think you got it back to front. PC upgrades are more frequent. Consoles are a one off payment. Online subscription is optional you don't have to get it and the hardware generally gets support for up to 7 years.

  33. What a sad line up of films. That said I did end up seeing Avatar last week only because I had nothing to do for a few hours at the mall and figured what the hell got time to kill. I saw it in 3D. Was fun seeing it on the big screen again it really is a different movie when you see it in the cinema.

  34. Labour have done some good things like raising the min wage but they have fucked up too many times.

  35. Kinda makes you wonder if Ardern is just tired and not putting in 110% anymore. After getting a taste of life at the UN I wouldnt blame her that's probably where her ambitions lie now and what she's aiming for long term. If her hearts not really in it anymore then she should probably step down. But thats purely speculation on my part though.

  36. Before the election? Surely not? She's still the favorite to lead Labour unless it's a personal decision to walk away gotta imagine she's staying through till at least the end of next year. Regardless of who wins.

  37. really mean spirited people over at that sub tbh. not sure if it has to do with the fact that at least 75% of the sub are boomers

  38. I only go there for news. The way they won't let go of covid is just sad. Everyone's moved on. There still posting covid numbers daily. Probably a bunch of hermits who refuse to go outside and touch some grass.

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