1. Can you please not announce Matthews hurt his wrist for fucks sakes

  2. That’s the vas deferens between us

  3. Thai are speckled like this and albos are more solid variegations

  4. I made mine [my first name] Potter, then Volde Mort (slytherin) Griffin Door, and Huffly Puff.

  5. I played through in the knights outfit until I got the pumpkin head. Ngl it did make the ending a lot less serious.

  6. I just wear the pumpkin head every time. Emotional scenes are comical

  7. If I had to picture this photo from the title alone with no other frame of reference or photo, this is exactly how I would picture it

  8. Fresh soil in a new smaller pot and let it dry out a lot before watering. All of these gnat treatments that involve “adding” things to your plant often make the problem worse. Eg using peroxide or something, you end up watering it too much trying to combat the gnats

  9. The gnats are so severe because you have that plant in way too large of a pot filled with soil that will take ages to dry do to the pot size. If I were you, I'd downsize pot size by a bunch and get the plant some better draining, chunky soil.

  10. Jesse Potter and Volde Mort. One pure good and one pure evil. Yes I’m incredibly creative lol

  11. If any time you find yourself asking “is this a scam”, it’s likely a scam

  12. Not worth it, don’t waste your money. It’s like buying those gimmick gold or diamond mining blocks of sand and hoping to strike it rich and you just end up with rocks and a tiny fleck of gold.

  13. After hearing so many good things I finally got around to watching The White Lotus. I watched the first season over a week and then binged the second season pretty hard. I had to sit on it for a few days to collect my thoughts because the show is a roller coaster of emotions. I feel like "dark comedy" is the best description for it. Truthfully, this type of show usually doesn't align with my tastes and there was a bit too much second-hand embarrassment/awkwardness for me at times (especially in the second season), but despite all of that I still really liked it.

  14. I found the first season sooooo so good, just great. The second season didn’t do it for me at all. I watched the whole thing and after it was finished I just felt like “huh.” Not really good or bad

  15. I love a lot of ubisoft games, and understand the hype and love for the game but I personally found it tedious and boring after a while. Picking apart the machine piece by piece using specific arrows gets old quick. I did love it at first and the character but really didn’t think as a game it was soooo amazing. Certain “good” games I cannot put down and come back and replay them again and again. Games Like bloodborne, elden ring, Skyrim, fallout, Diablo 2 on pc. Etc. People and critics have the horizon games on the same level as these all ti great games and for me personally it was not even close. Don’t get me wrong it’s like a solid 7/10, but I’ve found way more games much more engaging in terms of gameplay and even story

  16. Leafs and Keefe need to take note after that embarrassing loss to Vancouver

  17. I just wear the pumpkin head everywhere 🎃

  18. Try using filtered water as well

  19. Look at calories per gram. The package may say 50 calories per slice (10g) or per ounce. Then compare the equivalent to fresh orange slice in ounces. I don’t think there’s a standardized unit of measurement for “slice”

  20. Yeah these plants can go completely totally dry and be fine. Their leaves are robust. Wait till even the leaf curls a little and the pot is much lighter before watering. Pot size doesn’t matter, if you properly regulate the water amount and frequency. If you can’t or are a novice, a smaller pot helps prevent over watering. A larger pot won’t make the plant bigger or grow faster, so there’s really no advantage to having one vs a smaller pot

  21. Too much light, or temp change. Basil is SO sensitive to temperature changes, it might’ve gotten too hot sitting in the sun(?) pull it back so it’s not in direct light, water it, and let it rest. Good luck! 👍🏻

  22. Yeah it could be unexpectedly drafty by the window and the basil threw a fit

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