1. I was trying to remember what this was referencing and after I got to the end and went into the comments I realized it was the Stanley parable... The whole time I mentally Read this it was in the voice of Stanford Pines for some reason. That or J. Jonah Jameson my brain cannot tell.

  2. Same, though I did kinda drop out of splatoon after Nintendo switch online started being a thing back during 2, Fuck that service honestly.

  3. Someones already mentioned the Kirby gender thing but I'm going to talk about it because I find it super interesting.

  4. He is perfect the way she is. Love them.

  5. Yeah they never do explain how exactly this pasty dude in jeans managed to win the original battle royal.

  6. The indomitable human spirit I guess/j

  7. Reposting my response from one post like this one, but editing it a lil bit:

  8. I don’t remember SE and FF having

  9. Yeah, we lost a family friend. I personally find it bleak and depressing that people joke about tragedy. I never made jokes about people dying roasted alive from napalm in the Vietnam war. I think the internet has kinda facilitated a callous lack of empathy and it's become quite disturbing to me.

  10. Yeah it’s really unfortunate how the internets just led to some people developing no sense of empathy, 4Chan being one of the worst offenders of this, Twitter too sometimes.

  11. Aaaaand Nero’s Here. We never did see Shiki fight Nero in the last world didn’t we? It was Ziggy fighting him. But aside from that, where is Laguna in all this? Kinda worried Poseidon Nero did something

  12. A 2nd Rider? Maybe. But a solo female sixth ranger would be nearly impossible.

  13. It sounds more possible then a lead female red at least

  14. Those aren't rumours, those are just assumptions by people because they have to do mental gymnastics to justify why a woman is using the title of a King despite having very real and very established examples of it happening in real life.

  15. pretty sure it’s less that and more just wanting inclusion

  16. Lusamine. everyone else here is officially considered the evil team of their respective region, EXCEPT Lusamine.

  17. Team Yell was literally just a fan club for Marnie. They aren’t evil, just obnoxious

  18. They were advertised as galars evil team. They are an evil team. Team Skull and Team Star was a a bunch of delinquents but they got to be up here. this Just Sounds like biased semantics to me.

  19. Teen Titans GO!: The titans pretend that their orphan friend's parents came back and humiliated him after it was revealed that they weren't there. Specifically they made fun of the fact that he thought they would ever come back to him

  20. Honestly iirc that one wasn’t even in response to robin being a dick about something they just decided to be cruel that day. All the titans in that show just hate eachother really.

  21. There's one episode where Rainbow Dash keeps pranking her friends even after all of them tell her to stop, so they get the whole town to go in on a zombie prank that leads to Rainbow Dash thinking that everyone she knows is a zombie and she's about to die. They then reveal it's a prank, Dash now thinks that was cool or something, but ultimately agrees to stop with the constant pranks.

  22. I respect the elaborate coordinated hustle but man that’s fucked.

  23. I had to pause at the Scooby bit to translate and then got the Joke. I mean i already figured, I was just consciously focused on the translating of the rnglish.

  24. So they fuckin a can of monstr enrgy????

  25. This fight with drakken really is gonna be a hydrogen bomb Vs coughing baby moment. I mean, unless drakken in this world does have something up his sleeve.

  26. Whamon is treated as an Adult or Perfect. Tailmon is treated as Child or Adult. Armors are sometimes treated as Adult or Perfect, except wen Opossumon was treated as Child on Xros Wars (and evolved to Cho-Hakkaimon).

  27. There’s also Omegashoutmon, who’s been both a ultimate and a perfect, so he kinda adds to the whole point of “Digimon is malleable with levels”, strict correctness when making evolution lines isn’t always required.

  28. Month old mayonnaise from Hapoy Chaos’s half broken fridge

  29. My immediate thoughts would be like Ninjas and Grafitti or Ninjas and Music, like theres probably some interesting things that could be done with the juxtaposition of Ninjas and Music, and ninjas and graffiti would be a really interesting aesthetic to look at if scrolls were included in the designs there. Shoot could maybe do all three together, Ninjas, Music and Graffiti, something neat might come out of that.

  30. Not really, she looks like she'd call you a bitch because you wouldn't get dragged into her shitty MLM make-up scam.

  31. Did she drag you into her shitty MLM make-up scam?

  32. If this is in the 70's (which it looks like), Batman was a deputized officer of the law, so he would have the right to commandeer someone's car in a moment of necessity. Needing to hide his identity from Two-Face might not be a necessity, but that would be up to the judge should the person want to press charges. And before anyone says "Batman wouldn't show up to court", Silver Age Batman would. There's stories where he serves as a witness to make sure the criminals he captures serve their time.

  33. They missed eachother a lot, good for them

  34. I'm raising my daughter to speak like an early 2010 le epic redditor and today she told me "papa today at school a group of normies tried to bully me but I tipped my fedora and told them 'if I wanted to kill myself I would jump from your ego down to your intellect'" so wholesome 100 proud of her

  35. People seriously out here just intentionally raising individuals with the oddest lingo

  36. Have not seen this fucked up cat in a long time

  37. I think one of the reasons I've yet to even start watching Revice is that its theme is all over the map. Demons that live in people's souls, dinosaurs, and ink stamps.

  38. Rider and all over the place motifs have always kinda gone together. So for me at least, Animals, Demons and Ink don’t feel that out there. Especially when you consider Den-O and Gaim exist, being sand demons based off of fairy tales traveling on a time traveling train and warriors based off of fruit transforming with metal fruit that open up using a zipper, respectively.

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