1. I love Corruption of Champions

  2. Smh these socball players always hamming it up pretending to be injured

  3. Alright I'll bite, what are the forbidden colors

  4. But there standing up for the individuals who come from the area not the area it's self? Lame joke

  5. Islam is not an area. Islam is a religion.

  6. I'll never not love Undertale music. So full of life.

  7. Ah, classic. Took a few playthroughs to stop making that mistake for me

  8. If any o' y'all've stubbed a toe and it didn't stop hurting within a few hours, you's lookin' kinda sus

  9. When you don't see mate in 1, don't look for better

  10. why tf does Sonic use hoverboards and cars and shit? Isn't the whole point of sonic is that he is fast as fuck?

  11. I don't know. I would like to have the right to dissolve someone in piranha solution for shitting on biochemistry.

  12. Instructions unclear, shit currently violently reacting with piranha solution

  13. castle with the black king

  14. Is it mammals? I thought it was just apes. So the dividing line is mammals?

  15. To answer your previous question, the divining line is generally agreed to be on your palm.

  16. As an artist myself, I am beyond tired of people demonizing AI art based on nothing but panic, insecurity, and very very flawed assumptions of how AI works. I think it’s some very rad technology and in some cases, has the potential to be a very useful tool.

  17. To be fair, I don't expect everyone to be following cutting edge AI research and development as closely as perhaps they should; ignorance of how these systems work is inevitable. However, when the time comes to form an opinion about it because it has become relevant to you, it's your responsibility to make it an informed opinion.

  18. You absolutely crushed him damn

  19. It ain't honest work, but it's much

  20. Thanks I might also check out the that-one-site for the content related to such game

  21. Ah surely they are referring to the official ninja kiwi website, which has all the important information and content related to your favorite casual video games, the Bloons and Bloons TD series


  23. I'm still pissed about horse armor

  24. God I wish they would just shut the fuck up and stop ruining meme communities. Be trans all you want, that’s fine nobody is stopping you but “Character says Trans Rights” is not a god damn meme and it isn’t entertaining. I wouldn’t have even given Hogwarts Legacy a glance if you didn’t decide to screech about it for 3 straight months and I’m not even subbed here ahhhhhhh.

  25. Idk if my sense of humor is fucked but while I agree "X says trans rights" isn't funny in and of itself, I do find it very funny when people seethe over it in the comments, and then people get heated at them in turn, ad infinitum

  26. It's because I know people may have multiple reasons for the same argument. I want to know what people believe.

  27. If nobody were to answer more than once on those parts, the percentages would add to 100%; seeing as they don't, your decision was clearly correct

  28. But ticks also have 8 legs not 10. At least if it was a spider you could say the front 2 legs were actually pedipalps, the little arm appendage things spiders have to the side of their fangs.

  29. Wait since Freja is basically two spiders stuck together, does it actually have the most accurate number of legs?

  30. Ah sorry apparently I'm illiterate, nothing to see here

  31. Well, porn outside the game is a given. Someone should make some sort of rule about that...

  32. Some people (not many) make fun of DS3's zhoops to get you in an animation, but it's way better than how ds2 handled it lol

  33. Wait, so queer discourse is just as stuck as the Cyberpunk sub-genre of sci-fi?

  34. May be a little irrelevant but if we could converse fluently with people from 10,000 years ago, we would find a lot more relatability in each other's problems than you might think.

  35. It claims that it would only take 12 minutes to complete. If this were true, it would be worth over $15/h.

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