1. You don’t know how my brain was like "aight either tiny Vegeta or another drake ginyu choose one"💀

  2. Idk what started this but Im all in for rubberhose slapstick cartoon Okuu

  3. Some dumb discord server inside joke started it lol

  4. Well yeah they are inspired by the drake meme my ass is the one who started it on that discord before we were just goin with the "okuu type to (cartoonish situation)" all on the channel

  5. I’m convinced goku is Latin America’s mascot

  6. Bro wanna be drake so bad💀💀💀

  7. Bro really is the ultimate "???"😭😭

  8. You better close that window, Yuyuko’s gonna smell that shit and start levitating towards it.

  9. Man I thought that was supposed to be okuu since she the "drake" character

  10. "I’m telling you youmu! The pie was THIS big! Almost as big as-"

  11. Majima Backstory made me cry, it's fucking peak writing

  12. Y0 as a whole was amazing but to me I was really invested in majima’s case his story before becoming the mad dog was just heart wrenching and his deal with

  13. Peak trope fr (got invested into these two series by the same shit💀💀)

  14. don't ask reimu what she was doing between 1933 and 1945

  15. despite killing many ppl inthe past, her hair buns smell nice tho

  16. Youmu in the left pic has that energy I can't describe

  17. I know what energy I gave it a name "tiny marshmallow energy"

  18. Don't forget Joel & Ellie from TLOU and Bill & Zoey from L4D

  19. Yuyuko basically treats Youmu like a maid lmao Youmu definitely gets done working for Yuyuko and then goes to her room and listens to 140 BPM break core in a fit of rage

  20. Yuyuko is a weird one like she may act all goofy but she does care like in PoFV ending she shown concern for youmu when she heard that homegirl got scolded by eiki and taught her how to keep an open mind so she doesn’t get scolded again (and how to make tea which was cute) and most of the teases and goofs are pretty harmless with no malicious intent

  21. The fact that bro did it twice in a row💀

  22. I’m convinced Yuyuko only participated in solving IN just because kaguya humiliated her great great great great grandfather and just wanted to beat the living shit out of her because of it

  23. You know the only thing they are in common is being immortal and wants to die.

  24. And one mf succeeded in that while the other wouldn’t no matter how many times she tries

  25. Trust me, man once you get into that touhou shit you’re gonna start creating your own lore

  26. Been meaning to read that, just looking for a physical copy hoping to find one in English tbh

  27. I couldn’t find a physical copy but you can read it online with

  28. Animatronics shitting themselves when dantiplier pulls that sin pink mustache trigger

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