1. I tried, but I had technical difficulties and gave up

  2. This is view frustum culling, and is used everywhere, not only in open world games. Are you thinking of something else?

  3. I was specifically referring to the particular example of the original post. Of course, in terms of a 2D game for example, it is very commonly used

  4. I'm still confused about what you mean. The original post is about open worlds in 3D, where frustum culling is done pretty much always. It's not about removing the items from the world, it's about not sending them down the rendering pipeline.

  5. Sorry for my poor explanation, but what I said about 2D games I was referring to a different type of frustum culling, in a sense. You see, fustrum culling CAN exist in a 2D game setting, since it is just a process of discarding objects not visible on the screen. So in the case of a 2D game, the parts of the game surroundings that have been already passed, are not rendered, and in a visual sense do not exist.

  6. There's no way Speed is gonna surpass JJ in monthly listeners... JJ does music professionally and JJ's songs are usually of pretty high production value

  7. Yes, statistically it would seem so..

  8. Art is your favourite subject in school

  9. I'm confused, why are you hunting with an assult rifle. I thought it's usually done with hunting rifles

  10. This is why you don't mess with Finland. All it takes is a tank with Nokia 3310 armor

  11. Sex is biological, gender is not. I swear these redditors are the dumbest people on earth.

  12. You are one of those dumb redditors

  13. Oh gotcha, no wonder why God hasn't shown himself

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  15. I could beat them both if I fought them in one night. It’s easy

  16. That's what all his opponents have said... your arrogance is an indication of low inteligence, which isn't going to do you any favours in boxing or fighting in general; it's not always just brute strength. Even an obese 7 year old kid with an amputated leg could beat the shit out of you until your soul begs you to stop.

  17. I would't know anything about this since I'm not a girl.

  18. Nokia 3310 is the best to record video.

  19. Ay, don't diss on Nokia 3310. It is an unbreakable phone handcrafted by the higher life form divine beings themselves, as a blessing to the world.

  20. Dunno about "smart guy". His shit arrogant personality, plus scamming his own fans is enough of an indication that he is overall what you would call a bad person, and lacks empathy or basic good behaviour skills

  21. No because it's Swedish 🏳️‍🌈

  22. From Finland, visited Egypt, China, Spain, Brazil, Netherlands, Sweden (🤮), and Estonia

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