1. This is a bad idea. You want the bar to trap the rodent if it hits non vital point. This would cut an arm off or a leg and let the pest survive.

  2. This meme should be the other way around. Not entering the dungeon, but escaping it…

  3. Try running triple 4K or 1440p panels, + an auxiliary monitor with ultra or epic settings in game, a dozen different other supporting programs in the background and then live stream to twitch. If I had better screens, I’d have trouble streaming at the quality I’d like to stream at + play at the graphics settings I’d like to play at. my setup with “Shit” screens is actually pretty balanced when it’s all up and running full bore live on twitch.

  4. Yes. Because it contained the genetic makeup of the first chicken. It became a chicken egg when it was fertilized within the almost-chicken. It was a chicken egg within the almost-chicken and remained a chicken egg when it was ejected.

  5. Each female almost chicken chick is born with thousands of immature yolks, known as almost chicken ova. For most almost chickens, the ova begin to develop into yolks when the almost hen is 18 weeks old. Once a yolk has been selected to develop, it spends the next 10 days growing. When it is time for the yolk to be released, it breaks out of its protective membrane and drops into the infundibulum or the beginning of the oviduct. This release takes about half an hour.

  6. Yes. Thanks for shooting the shit back and forth about chicken eggs lmfao

  7. Yes worth. Yes most MP servers. No Mods available so nothing to worry about there.

  8. Not too close. Looks good. Your missing two more for the sides ;)

  9. Probably a gear head PCMR member. back in the day we would throw vw headlights in the oven to open them up, spray them black and DIY “smoke” them.

  10. I’m never hitting 80. I think the highest I’ve seen is 79. I’m using a Corsair h100x AIO

  11. Wicked Promo Zapp! I won't be able to make it that day but have fun!!!

  12. DashPanel has a windows client. I imagine you can set it to always on top through windows and then overlay it. I use it on my iPhone. there’s gotta be a dash mod for AC out there though in race department. I’d check simhub too, that’s another popular dash program people use.

  13. Wait until you hit a wall in lap times. You won’t be able to just cut it down like you did here, at least you’ll be able to see walls you hit from the side though.

  14. If you find an OEM seat with flat rails meant to bolt to the floor you’re good 👍

  15. Yes. Angle Grinder with cut off disc. Correctly sized bolts to mount to steel or aluminum rig. In my base I used a steel profile with massive bolts, I was thinking the stronger the better for holding back brake forces

  16. Thanks. I have a grinder but need to go pick up a cutting blade.

  17. Pick up multiple. And a 150 grit sanding disk to clean up the left over bits from cutting, thin metal shavings will cut you up serious

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