I have a problem with most EVs coming out.

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  1. We traded in a four year old Accord (26mpg) for a Wrangler 4XE. Wife is very happy with the change. I’m happy she’s not in a 16-18mpg grey crossover.

  2. Hybrid Crossovers are hitting 40 mpg... and even non hybrids are well above 30 mpg.

  3. Feel like this is the only way to successfully solo assault.

  4. There are many win conditions. The new decay gauntlets sort of look like this by themselves.

  5. yes, this discount helps for high income people, but if you make that much ($300k married), $3,750 probably doesn't mean that much to you.

  6. We make that much, and it's meaningful.

  7. The hardest Abyss was when they first introduced the Lectors/Heralds. We've learned how to deal with them, but when new people had to figure them out. Additionally, that was around the time they increased the overall HP pool/difficulty of Abyss very dramatically. Since then, Abyss difficulty has somewhat plateaued in terms of overall raw DPS check.

  8. Update comment because I don’t know how to edit a post: My insurance company totaled out my car. RIP my first stateside vehicle that I drove since 2015. I’m thinking about getting a Subaru Outback Wilderness.

  9. Hey fyi - get winter tires. Subaru AWD is great. It wouldn't have stopped in time either on the wrong tires.

  10. Noelle's shield is slightly stronger than Layla's thanks to the Geo's 150% omni absorption on shields.

  11. Noelle can have more uptime, but she needs field time for that.

  12. Genshin's archon quest quality can be hit or miss

  13. Almost all quests in general. There is way too much dialogue, and the dialogue is fluffed up like a 5th grader trying to hit a word count minimum.

  14. Yes, the entire Sumeru archon quest for me was incredibly long winded with too much dialogue.

  15. The difference is that wishing one at a time takes a lot of time and clicks. No functional difference.

  16. I have a Supercharged 2014 BRZ (manual transmission - use it for track days/autocross) that I work on. I also own a Model Y Performance and an Ioniq 5.

  17. Once you're in, you gotta just power though I guess.

  18. Wonder if she was always like this or if he’s gonna find out in the next year that she’s having mental health issues/drug issues. Also no way the coworker stays with her to raise a random baby when she just cheated and abandoned her last family.

  19. Post further up says she lied about the pregnancy.

  20. I kind of get where they're both coming from.

  21. Yup, you nailed it. She's got her routine, and he's got his. They're a bit mutually exclusive at the moment, they'll either learn to merge cooperatively or this relationship will fail.

  22. I’m interested to see how well this performs, because currently the way to add both range and quicker performance to an EV is to add more battery. More bulk, more weight, leading to large and heavy “performance” EVs. Can you even make a lightweight EV for the sports car enthusiast? Is it even possible?

  23. 'Range' for these cars may not matter. There was a BRZ conversion recently that weighed just over 3000 lbs that can run for 40 minutes on the track. In the future when you can charge in between track sessions at almost all tracks, this may be the sweet spot.

  24. I'm on the fence. I don't think some skills are completely useless. While spiritual blessings are build defining, spiritual assault has some modifiers that can do the same.

  25. New BRZ is competitive with an STI in a straight line. It wins in corners on a track. STI wins on dirt.

  26. With 4, while Ioniq 5 does have higher kW charging, because the Model Y is more efficient, and has a better overall charge curve, it’s about even in “time to charge up to 250 miles of range.”

  27. I disagree about Model Y vs Ioniq 5 charging curve... It's not 'all about' time to charge 250 miles (oddly specific number). Ioniq 5 charges faster to 90% than Model Y does to 80%. This is a huge deal.

  28. I picked 250 because that’s where they’re about equal. Ioniq maybe faster to 90% than Y to 80%, but Y is longer total range so that Y 80% is more miles than Ioniq 90%.

  29. In my experience, the two cars get similar range in the real world. And range doesn't matter if your next charger is 150-200 miles away etc.

  30. The front looks like a K5. The rest of the car…. Is HIDEOUS. Sits way too high. Looks like a Nissan maxima actually.

  31. The shape reminds me of a Honda Crosstour. But the lack of hatch is baffling.

  32. It has a lift back like the Civic. Model S also has a hatch but is a Sedan.

  33. NO, ITS NOT! I came back to the game 6 weeks~ ago and i'm saving everything to get her since then... I already have 190 wishes and i only want her C0, since i'm saving for other characters too, so yeah, i really need her now 😭 (maybe i will be able to get 36 stars then ;/)

  34. You just sound impatient.

  35. Or u guys are just too conditioned to wait a year for 1 character 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  36. Tbh a 'manual' CVT sounds kind of hilarious and I wish somebody built one just to see what it's like to drive.

  37. There are a bunch of CVTs on the market with paddle shifters...

  38. Does EM affect vape dmg? Im seeing conflicting statements on whether its a flat 150% (or 200%) of the attack that triggered it or if it takes em into account.

  39. It's literally in the tooltip for EM.

  40. Technically electronic screens make less moving parts than physical levers, buttons, switches, etc.

  41. My old guy is stubborn. I told him as well and he actually over paid for the Prius due to mark ups but needed a “economy efficient car” which I find funny cause my gramps don’t leave the house other than going to the grocery and back lol! He’s retired. He’s 69

  42. How fuel inefficient is his baja exactly?

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