1. Imagine getting teamed up by a Deviljho, Odogaron and that flashbang velociraptor whose name I can never spell out right

  2. Something is rising... and it's not my black cards

  3. Didn't this trend die out just recently?

  4. The "John Yakuza/Kiwami Man etc." meme is getting annoying

  5. Final Fantasy 18 - Hey, you. You're finally awake.

  6. I found that out the hard way T_T

  7. History was not so kind with us... wish the old times on YouTube could just return...

  8. Decade’s actor Masahiro Inoue’s super big, he acts every now and again but recently his other endeavors have been more well known. He created PINK Tokusatsu Project, has his GGE channel, and recently bought the rights to AIC

  9. Guy also got a guest appearance in Kidou Sentai Iron Saga with Decade being a minor reference as a Mecha

  10. Irene and Lee: Spinny shit activated

  11. Is there an actual explanation as to how the characters' weapons just fade into golden dust and reappear on their back? Also, how does the Traveller's inventory work? Or am I just looking too unnecessarily deep into this?

  12. "Is it a pot? Or a rock? Oh! It's a fucking glock. "

  13. Source for the top right pic?

  14. Not sure if I should be asking here, but can someone give me the nutshell reason why people apparently regret pulling for Cyno? I'm considering getting him but want more feedbacks, with no trolls of course.

  15. The thing that ticks Xiao off is being called a child 🤣.

  16. So basically Edward Elric but emo and more fantasy

  17. Dafuq is wrong with that Gazort, did chaiyo make that?

  18. "Dad... I got a C- on my test..."

  19. Another thing I wanna add is that try to flinch the monster into crashing at a wall so that you would get that opening. If not, then just smack your GS onto it, scatternuts and ammos that easily cause a monster to get briefly stunned is also how I usually fight with GS.

  20. Yaknow, I always sucked at flinching the monster into walls with the claw. I could only ever do it with pods I found. Is there a skill that makes it easier or something?

  21. Usually when I use GS to hunt, I always carry flash pods with me to stun the monster then try my luck at flinching at them, if they flinch and turn around then try and force them to face a wall before firing your pod. If it works, it works, if not then I got for the tail to try and make them fall. That's how I usually kill the Rathalos/Rathien I'm hunting. There's like over 40+ flash pods in my Items which I always stock up by cultivating flashbugs, I also use pitfall and shock traps to stun the monster so I can get a several hits in.

  22. Every single ships- except for the children

  23. Question: how's the Tiga Suit flexibility and material for you? I've been thinking of getting it as well but wanted some feedbacks.

  24. I'm sorry, but I've always thought Jingke and Nightingale's art style is... "bad" but seeing Tezca's design just made me reconsider

  25. Me, with 100+ levels and maxed out skills and god-like gears: Laughs

  26. OK... tf is the deal with Bocchi? It just came out of nowhere and now it's everywhere

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