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  1. That’s why anal is the best form of birth control.

  2. Female bodies will adapt over the years with a second set of baby making organs in the anal hole

  3. For added context, I recognize that sex is not consent to pregnancy, consenting to one action does not mean you consent to all the outcomes. However, this mean that you are consenting to the possibility of the outcomes? I’d love to see the results.

  4. I tried Gboard, but since iOS 16, not only do my theme preferences stay or maintain, but there is no height or size adjustment either 😭

  5. You can't. You will learn a lot more of things you can't do with iOS along the way and you will learn to accept it. Be strong my dude.

  6. I wish apple would let me personalize the experience of iOS to tailor to my needs, making a phone work the way you want it to is just as valuable as a functional smart phone imo

  7. Mind sharing how you did this?

  8. Yes OMG! That's my size too lol the one that I am hunting for though is even sharper, the point end of a pincher and the flared ends a bit more angular, I know I'm picky 🤣 but that's the closest closest I've found so far;

  9. Like that one but with pointed sharp ends, not flat, I've seen 2 different people wearing one and haven't been able to ask where it was from 😭

  10. I realy dislike too unrealistic very long drags (to the point where you recieve damage from something that should feel like a touch and in no way should be able to kill you). And to the same extent uncatchable accels. To be clear I am not again drags and accels all together, but more about setting sensible limits. As a game developer myself I see no reason why they could not fix it except they really want such behavior to occur.

  11. Crazy drags are the only thing that keep the game fun anymore, why prioritize realism for the detriment of the player experience?

  12. Yep, all projects made in the beta, I tried opening them with 11.1.6 and they can't open due to being created on a newer version of live, and already submitted bug and crash reports. :( Hoping a resolution doesn't take too long

  13. frost doesnt do too much damage since frostbite has the cooldown, would go for something else

  14. Theoretically, I'd like to infuse blood loss with bloody slash AoW, but it seems as though the game understands pairing that with spellcasting and INT scaling would be a bit too strong haha

  15. Right! I knew that I just forgot thanks for the reminder haha

  16. Interesting. That's good to know. How often does the device ask you to sign in, and for what stuff?

  17. It's solely an anti-theft measure, so no one can steal your phone, factory reset it, and be good to go. It only asks on the first time start up of the device. Removing google account prior to reset will prevent that.

  18. Follow these steps (Recovering a Set manually after a crash):

  19. I tried Reddit because I'm already very familiar with the manual set recovery process. I've had to do it many times in the past. If you read the post, you'll find that my specific problem is when the guidelines for manual set recovery do not apply. I cannot follow those steps because the crash I'm dealing with did not create the BaseFiles or Undo files necessary for manual set recovery. If you know of any other method, using maybe the crash report zip that is generated at the time of the crash, that would be greatly appreciated.

  20. The crash report zip file also contains a Preferences folder with subfolders Undo and also, often, the Base-folder.

  21. Yeah, I've checked the entirety of that crash folder, no BaseFiles, no Undo, but I do have the CrashRecoveryInfo.cfg file, as well as the indexer, and crash logs. Couldn't find BaseFiles or Undo either in the crash report zip, or in the directory where crashes are held, something like roaming/Ableton/live.x.x.x/preferences or something. I appreciate the gesture though, I wish Ableton support was willing to help even with a beta

  22. Does that take 18650 cells? How many? Looks like it could fit about 10 tho. Things massive.

  23. Root + custom ROM would be the best bet, would recommend it regardless of android 12, you can get a lot more out of your phone.

  24. I used to use YAAP along with the others here, just switched to crDroid a couple weeks ago and I am much more impressed with it over YAAP. It has an incredible amount of customization and the camera supports all lenses and it has AOD

  25. Also this charger needs to be from OnePlus to have warpcharge capabilities

  26. I think any 5a/6v protocol charger will do warp charge (afaik from my sleuthing around the internet)

  27. Warp charge is oneplus proprietary so normal power delivery or quick charge chargers won't supply that amount of power. Atleast that's the case when I tried with my 65W PD 2.0 charger on My OP7, it only supplied 2 A

  28. Right, which is why I'm looking for 5v/6a , which is the warp charge protocol, 3rd part 5v/6a chargers can warp charge just the same as stock.

  29. I had no idea, mind telling me the name of the mission, if you remember? I've finished Panam's storyline, must've walked right past the car.

  30. After finishing the quest 'Ghost Town' , wait approximately 3 days in game. Then drive through the tunnel where you kill Nash, you'll find it there.

  31. I'm level 26 with 45 hours 😳 been playing non stop side quests and gigs, been doing side quests wayyy above my level with stealth / non-lethal playstyle to farm big eddies

  32. what samples did you use for the percussion and kick?

  33. Kick and snare were both headshot sounds, heavily processed with EQ and multiband compression. The kick required a bit more, like transient shaping. All the percussion originated from hit sounds, like parries, hits, clashes etc...

  34. Thanks! Been working on sound design and arrangement for quite some time now! Glad you like it!

  35. No one uses macros for combat

  36. I que'd with a triple diamond stack, we que'd against 3 bronzes...

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