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  1. It was either valk or royal delivery

  2. nice! but as a viper main as well, one tip I can give is to wait a couple more seconds before throwing the second molly to get the full stall

  3. Thanks, I’m kind of new to viper so this really helps

  4. I think like 5-10 terraria days, not sure the exact time

  5. Okay yeah personally I'd remove some of the dirt on the roof to the right of the gemcorn and see if that helps because unless you have like 10+ trees planted somewhere else it should grow

  6. Sorry I didn’t get to you sooner, I must have missed the notification. Goya is a dark orange

  7. Neither is chamber he plays more like a duelist

  8. You just want someone to tell you it’s ok to play Vegito without feeling bad about it, don’t you?

  9. No I don’t, I don’t find vegito fun to play. I put that there because I didn’t want all the comments to just be vegito cause I want other character recommendations

  10. Nah it’s navy blue like Monday, January is light blue

  11. At least with hero there was an actual reason with the language barrier. With Steve there is nothing

  12. First thing didn’t put dark pit kinda weird. But the characters in curious about are toon link falco and pichu (pichu to high IMO and the others to low) but other than that it’s the same tier list I’ve been seeing since early ult

  13. Dark pit is the same as pit. I probably did put pichu a little high and falco low but I feel like toon link lacks kill power unless you’re getting bomb confirms, his arrows aren’t as good as young link’s and lacks the range link has

  14. Yeah I don’t really have any hot takes other than like yink or olimar even then those are more warm takes

  15. Why tf you getting mad over something that hasn’t happened yet?

  16. I just have ring a ding on for the memes

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