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  1. Well, they do have the right to take pictures in public but at least in Germany taking a picture of less than I think 4 persons in the main frame still needs to be with consent of everyone in the picture.

  2. also .. this kind of behavior would fall under repeated harassment and other stuff ... in germany you could report them all to the police

  3. i wish sooo bad we had that in germany .. ive been paying tousends of euro to pay for "illegal drugs" ... just cause i cant find a psychiatrist :(

  4. For real, for once, us EU gang can't point and laugh at the US on this, planned parenthood seems like a godsend to have exist for trans folks (and other folks who need it too btw)

  5. yeah .. meanwhile draining either peoples pockets for DIY or their mental health ... And then the terfs complain about us cause we try to give children "wrong hormones" and all we have to do is see a doctor to ruin our and their childrens lives .... meanwhile im still looking for a Psychiatrist for over a year now.

  6. I was stuck as achild from the SL toy the other day .. try to initiate a fight with some mobs or a player duel .. should revert it

  7. id put some up but i got nooo mats to even start one ... km not farming those soulbound mats cause i have a life 🤣😭

  8. Thanks ... i gues ? i dont feel like a hero just hanging on for the sake of not destroying my families mental health 🤷🏻‍♀️

  9. im not doing any grind anymore in wow ... atm im having fun leveling my DK with Herbalism .. i looove the cute flower head and backpack :3

  10. I feel the same way with skinning. I think i spent an hour searching forums and wowhead to try and see if I can get the hat as a transmog. Just so I can see it all the time.

  11. sadly we cant 😭😭😭 the cute herbalism stuff is my only joy in life atm and i cant have it 😭😭😭

  12. Kann man sich für den letzten teil gratis melden ?? dieses jahr schon 5 schwere radunfälle gehabt und lebe immernoch :'(

  13. It's a joke about the pop it's having the LGBT and trans flag colors lol.

  14. OOUUUH .. yeah .. i may understand engliah but i dont understand sarcasm or weird jokes like that 😅🤣🤣

  15. 3. Does any of your dps have CDs ready? Yes: you can pull more. No: You better dont pull more packs. 4. Is there a mob that needs to be focused with dmg or CCs in the pack? Yes: you better dont pull more packs. No: you can pull an extra pack.

  16. this is useless .. im a blood DK and most times do ~40-50% of the dungeons dmg anyway 🤣

  17. Easier access to firearm is the worst idea for Germany. It's better than better access in poland, but still its a suicide

  18. easy access to firearms is bad for EVERY country .. doesnt matter wich .. the only ones allowed should be the police. NOBODY else ......

  19. That's true but some contries handle it better than others, like Switzerland where people are educated. If they would do smth like that in Poland then everyone knows

  20. okay yeah thats true .. but lets face it ... 90% of the countries arent educated ... especially americans were guns are a big thing. i mean ... just look 5min at the country overall .. its like handing out guns at a fucking preschool 🤣

  21. What's wrong with Bacon? It's delicious and wholesome 😄🤗

  22. went from beeing Bro(o)ke to Beacon ... thats what i call progress !!! 🤣😅

  23. I like your name, it was once a candidate for what my name would be.

  24. Soooo .. instead of beeing honest and open to your bf .. ypu just rather let him hang out with toxic and evil people ??? isnt it also your responsibility to somewhat protect and care for your BF ??? the caring and protecting goes both ways

  25. depends on the situation ... daily meals? A if its something more fancy .. then B

  26. Die Frage hier ist doch ganz einfach .... Würdest du die person auch "Hassen" wenn sie Hetero wäre ??? Wenn ja .. dann würde ich das nicht unbedingt als homophob einstufen ... Und wie wärs wenn ihr kleinen kiddis anstatt euch gegenseitig ständig zu "hassen" und zu mobben einfach mal miteinander redet ? Ich weis .. ist schwer .. kriegen ja selbst die meisten erwachsenen nicht hin (vorallem männer) .. aber versuchs doch einfach mal. Aber ohne beleidigend zu werden o.ä. Wenn er sich dann als arschloch benimmt ist das SEIN problem. Nicht deins :3

  27. Try getting to a near embassy ... especially european countries will prob. let you in

  28. also ü4400€ für 8h arbeit find ich schon krass bezahlt .. 4400€ hab ich Brutto kn der pflege un 2 MONATEN verdient -.- wäre ich doch nur gut aussehend und schlank 😭😭😭

  29. tbh same but random strangers doing it makes me feel so weird LOL

  30. who is a good boy ? yes you are, you little runt :3 youre the bestest boy .. now go fetch throws stick

  31. i was trying to say in a funny way that people saying "good boy" kinda feels like they are talking with a dog

  32. OP is average male redditor and he had only ever seen his own breasts which are massive

  33. Falsch, bei mir wurden erst vor kurzem 800€ zurückgezogen weil der Käufer behauptet hat der Artikel wäre beschädigt.

  34. ich hatte letztens als privatperson ein motherboard verkauft .. das so gut eingepackt wie menschenmöglich .. schickt der kunde mir dann bilder von (kp obs wirklich meins war oder sein altes was er kaputt gemacht hat) dem Z370 motherboard andem die hälfte der pins verbogen war und auch irgendwie der Lüfteranschluss in alle himmelsrochtungen verbogen war... ebay hat dem einfach so das geld zurückgegeben .. MIT den Versandkosten (heist ich hab schonmal ü5€ minus gemacht am ganzen) und wenn ich den kaputten artikel hätte zurückhaben wollen vom kunden, dann hätte ich NOCHMAL versand zahlen müssen -.- also .. wenn ihr unruhe stiften und Arme geringvedienende Krankenpfleger abfucken wollt .. einfach auf ebay motherboards für 50€ kaufen und die kaputt hauen .. oder euer altes kaputtes fotografieren -.-

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