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  1. That would be cute but the Nina would have to get two

  2. Doesn’t Ayana just get another uniform if you get a school outfit for her? And a torn one as her unique outfit?

  3. Ooh, love cabin fever. Big fan of everything sad panda studios puts out.

  4. Note deceased senator McCain as a pile of bones at the lower left. “Party of family values” indeed to mock the dead.

  5. Oh please, like you people take it easy when someone you disagree with dies. Rush Limbaugh, Hermain Cain, or literally any anti vaxxer who’s died with COVID in the past two years.

  6. I always put my favorite thing as "honey," not because it's my actual favorite thing, but because I want mystery fruits to taste like honey :)

  7. Well once you already watch the 2 hr video analyzing and therefore spoiling a piece of media, there isn’t much of a point to go back and play it.

  8. Some people use it as investments apparently it's one of the most stable things you can invest in

  9. Congrats on getting this far and all we endgame people do is log in everyday to get the LTE event rewards

  10. I just wish I could cycle through them faster, I’m getting impatient for the fictional women.

  11. You're the type of "centrist" who would let fascists take power to "own the libs".

  12. Not all of us, some of us are dying or having our children die. But caring about 'this shit' is wrong huh?

  13. “Won’t somebody please think of the children?” “Won’t somebody please grab this law-abiding citizen’s guns?”

  14. That’s a good point. I don’t know anyone who regretted passing on the vaccine

  15. We all regret not getting it because we all died of COVID according to redditards

  16. Yes it was clear queerbaiting, which hooked me into watching her, when i did not know who she was (my kids did), and I will always be eternally thankful for it. Not only did I learn about aromantics and asexuals, I realized I was asexual (specifically demi) and my son finally found a way to understand himself, as aroace (he loudly proclaimed at the end of the video "That's me!!!").

  17. Being totally serious: how do I as an individual take this more seriously? I’m already masking due to COVID. I already wash my hands. Wtf else is there to do?

  18. Just don’t have anonymous gay bathhouse sex and you’ll be fine until they’ve spread it to the rest of us.

  19. Everyone goes out of business and starves. At least music is even better now.

  20. It's because the ghosts of anti-vaxxers can still spread C19 from beyond the grave, bigot!

  21. (It didn’t help because COVID actually came from a Chinese BioLab)

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