1. My wife and I went to see the midnight showing of the hobbit 2, and they let you watch the first one before. We found out the seats were those super comfortable recliner love seats. Watched the whole first movie again, and slept through the entire second movie and woke up in the last 5 minutes

  2. To be fair the Hobbit films were monotonous boring films

  3. On the other end of the spectrum you have people that can’t get over the fact that some dinosaurs in fact, did not have feathers.

  4. Those types are the worst. The ones who still insist on T Rex having feathers despite 0 real evidence. Even skin samples found on it and close relatives show none thus far

  5. I mean. I memba Bron doing these at that height. Absolute bunnies

  6. Young Lebron was the most athletic player ever imo. Top 3 at worst with MJ and Wilt

  7. Nvidia (much like the auto industry) have basically said, "Fuck, Henry Ford".

  8. I'll die on the hill that the T-rex got robbed

  9. still baffles me that you can get a free eye poke, a free nut shot, and still not have points taken at any point. just a warning for each foul type. thats how the refs seem to treat it atleast.

  10. RDA would just wrestle him too. If he just wants fun fights they should do him and Michel Pereira.

  11. Phil Rowe vs Wonderboy would be fun. Tony if they want a big name. My fantasy matchup would be WB vs Justin Gaethje at 170

  12. Tony at 170 if they want a matchup vs a big name. Would be a total asswhooping but folks would tune in

  13. I thought the only kind of boring one was Johnson/Diakiese, and it wasn't even that bad.

  14. It was fun to watch how cocky Mark was in the first to slowly seeing that smile fade as he got worked. But the fight itself was meh for a strikers matchup

  15. They should hire Frank Vogel and a good assistant to run the offense for him since he sucks at it

  16. There is also a skeletton inside of you

  17. We are just a brain riding in a flesh and bone mech suit

  18. If Haldir came with like 100 elves there would be a much bigger chance for them to win. The scenario was pretty similar in the books, and if around 100 elves were there to help them, the uruks probably wouldn't have broken through

  19. If all the elves were as OP as Legolas they could have wiped out ever uruk with ease

  20. Cuz Pam is weak and more likely to cheat than Jim

  21. She technically cheated on Roy with Jim. Multiple times. The level of flirting they would do counts as cheating honestly. Like when he picked her up. And of course the kisses. People overlook it cause Roy was a doucher

  22. 5800x3d doesn't care much about the ram. Why are you wasting time on Memory OC bruv?

  23. In games that don't fully use the bigger cache it helps quite a bit actually

  24. Ditch cages for transparent panels and hire a few shmoes to clean it between rounds or stoppages like they clean nba floors. Then no one could grab shit

  25. More ssd storage. Hdds are trash for gaming

  26. They need to be careful enough not to put us in a situation with nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain.

  27. Starve an animal enough and eventually it will eat you. The time is approaching soon

  28. I am using an HDMI 2.0 cable actually, but I don't know if that's the issue because those options appear if I connect my Laptop which is also 2.0, except Integer scaling which is not supported by the GTX 1060

  29. Cable doesn't matter if the TV HDMI ports don't support a 2.0 standard

  30. Batarians hate humans though? Considering humanity was encroaching on their territories

  31. Lopez was already an all star a decade ago

  32. Ridley Scott is one of my all time faves. But I can say Covenant and Robin Hood were definitely not great movies

  33. Prometheus was a pile of shit too. It looked more like a really shitty sci fi movie made for tv

  34. Chris Pontius vs the EPA guy from ghostbusters

  35. Yeah, but I don't get the point regardless. HWs can perform to a higher level later than lighter fighters, and Ngannou himself was late getting into the sport and has taken very little damage (aside from this injury).

  36. Power is like the last thing to fade with age too

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