1. Der Fakt, dass anstatt einen Screenshot zu machen, der Handybildschirm abfotografiert wurde, erzĂĽrnt mich.

  2. Der post kommt ursprĂĽnglich von Jodel aus einer Topstory und bei Jodel kann man nur Fotos aufnehmen aber keine auf dem Handy gespeicherten Fotos hochladen

  3. What is your opinion about all-season-tires

  4. How is it smurfing when he is playing in gm?

  5. He has another account, when you see her other posts you can see the name chages

  6. Can someone explain console top 500? You can change it to only look for example PlayStation top 500 but the leaderboard doesn’t show everyone

  7. You must be diamond 5 or higher to be top 500 and there aren't much people playing on playstation only server

  8. I had the same issue last season and i asked on reddit, someone said you have to connect a phone number, someone said the hidden mmr isn't high enough. Honestly I have no idea what to do but this season I got t500

  9. Wenn ich das richtig sehe ist aber bei dem Bauplan mit micro atx das mainboard also das gigabyte B550M Aorus Pro-P ohne Wlan und bluetooth

  10. Release is Saturday in Japan, timezone makes it friday in Europe/US

  11. man kann es auch an der Synchronisation erkennen, in deutschen Filme gibts eher Dialekte und die Leute sprechen schneller

  12. Rosenmontag 2017 in Essen im Ruhrgebiet. Im Stadtteil Rüttenscheid ist da jährlich ein relativ großer Karnevalsumzug. Leider musste ich arbeiten und war zusammen mit einem anderen Azubi unterwegs.

  13. Aber hattet ihr jetzt einen DSL Splitter dabei?

  14. Yes, multiple generations playing one game together, AKA crossgen……

  15. It's literally the same crossgen with Battlefield 4, you can play the PS4 version from your PS5, there is no difference except Battlefield 2042 is financially ruined with that decision so they gonna try to sell more ingame bullshit

  16. I still don't see your point, both games are crossgen, so why do you prefer 2042?

  17. Thanks for smurfing, people like you destroy Overwatch

  18. They should have taken Battlefield 4, that at least makes some fun to play

  19. BF4 Premium (the only version I recommend) regularly goes on sale for less than $10 on the PS Store. Buy it, it's still one of the best in the series and has an active player base.

  20. I own it but it doesn't have an active playerbase and PS Plus games can change that

  21. Im trying since the start of the season... I know no one can help me here but maybe there are other players with the problem or a solution

  22. Das sind 391 Mark. 782 Ostmark. 7820 Ostmark aufm Schwarzmarkt.

  23. Aber erst ab Mitte März! Trotzdem guter Känguru Knecht, Prappsschnaline?

  24. Nicht der Held den wir verdienen aber den Held den wir brauchen

  25. Idk why they don't just add mouse and keyboard support like most of the other current games. It wouldn't be that hard to implement.

  26. It wouldn't change anything... Xim users would still play mouse and keyboard against controller players

  27. Hopefully if they can support it maybe it'll be easier to detect, then they can just lock anyone with knm into their own lobbies.

  28. That would be great but the problem is the Xim disguises itself as a normal controller

  29. pssh, not a brig main. true brigs rush in with the tank, especially when they're a reinhardt

  30. was this just a well-timed pic or did Brig really stare at that? totally just curious

  31. Looks like just well-timed, it's from the Zero Hour Trailer at 7:05

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