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  1. I beat up a famous opera singer and pretended to be an umpire, all in my attempts to save the Queen.

  2. The way you sang the national anthem was magical. I'm sorry it seemed like you had somewhere else you needed to be near the end though.

  3. By listening to him trash talk me for nearly 30 minutes one night when he thought I couldn't hear him. Calling me a pathetic moron. Saying that I need to grow up. Stop drawing my "fantasy characters" as he described them. Dissing my taste in music, video games. And having a Laugh about how I dress like I shop at a thrift store. and claiming that the only reason he hung around me is cause he enjoyed the free food and tech I'd sometimes give him. I should have known that he was doing that to me when any time I shared something I found fun or interesting, he didn't show much interest in. I thought he was my friend. But he wasn't. And nobody else warned me.

  4. The tree took away his ability to pronounce the T in the word planetarium.

  5. I just saw sandman. (Spoilers for sandman)And I think I know how they can do it. Lucifer and Morpheus start declaring what they are. And what they are is manifested in an abstract way. I am a snake, I am an eagle, I am a bacteria. And so on. And as they declare what they are we are shown images of that. The mental duels can be shown in a similar way. The wizards battling in their minds using abstracta.

  6. "I want to be able to make happen anything I can conceive, forever."

  7. With that being said. Doesn't it ever make you wonder if somebody already wished for this?

  8. Only thing I recognize is Swiss Miss. The Heinz bottles are filled with something I want to try though. The peanut butter looks like a knockoff of Peter Pan brand.

  9. When i tried to use a celebrity name it gave me a message saying I couldn't do that. how did you get away with it?

  10. I think the reason dark souls 2 is constantly the lowest rated is because it's the hardest in the series.

  11. Not where, but when is during the halftime show of the 2004 Super Bowl where Justin Timberlake pulled off Janet Jackson’s shirt and exposed her breast so when your girlfriend’s dad comes home and asks if we saw the halftime show and you unemphatically say, “sure, yea, it was great.” And then he becomes suspicious and checks all of the trash cans and finds a bloody condom and then physically throws you out of his house.

  12. You made the mistake of throwing the condom away in the house. But you also made the mistake of disrespecting her father.

  13. It still counts. And I never turn down an opportunity to shit on Green Day

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