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  1. I can't see Tony letting Kenny and the Bucks go. He'd be handing them over to Triple H on a silver platter.

  2. Kenny would be a big star with HHH. The Bucks aren't needle movers.

  3. I’m starting to think Cornette may have a point about Meltzers blind love of AEW.

  4. I believe the product would've been better with Cody over the Elite. I won't argue against the fact that the Codyverse was disjointed and sucked, but if that classic booking philosophy bled over into the rest of the show I think it would've improved things generally speaking. The reason Cody's stuff sucked is he would speed through what should be a months long program in 4 weeks and write himself a go home angle so he could disappear for a month to film something else. You can only fake retire or literally die so many times in a calendar year lol

  5. He was the most important EVP by a longshot, hell, he was the only one to live up to that title. Everyone else could've gone and as long as Tony had Cody, I think AEW would've avoided the craziness it's currently embroiled in.

  6. What's the rumor on the Williams seat so far? Mick, given he's likely out at Haas? Feels like silly season is slowly coming to an end.

  7. I want Mick in the Williams so bad. 1&1 would be a big get for the team. Mick's on par with or outperformed KMag most weeks lately. Albon seems like a great next measuring stick, plus I just can't see a world where Albon/MSC don't get along great.

  8. He is the only guy on the AEW roster to headline and win a wrestlemania main event. It’s crazy he’s not a tippy top guy

  9. Hell, I think he should have won the belt instead of Mox. That's not a knock on Moxley, they need something fresh at the top with all the talent that's out. Danielson could be that.

  10. I still stand by Danielson should have taken it off Page. Plans should change when situations change.

  11. I would agree with that too. While it would have been anticlimactic for Page to have a month run, it probably would have protected him a bit. His title run sucked. He's better chasing, ala ECW Dreamer. Also, I gotta think that the backstage fight wouldn't have happened if Punk and Page weren't programmed together. A good bonus is the fact that if the title going on Punk was happening regardless, Punk vs Danielson would have been the biggest match in AEW history by a country mile.

  12. Andrade might have been AEW's biggest disappointment. He was a compelling top-guy with HHH. Vince WWE wasted him and Tony has somehow done even worse with him. He might be one of the guys who would do well to go back to WWE, super-heels Charlotte and Andrade managing each other as they run roughshod over their respective divisions sounds compelling to me.

  13. Idk. The first one was all right. There was a lot of bad about it but it was a fun take on how we try to bring things back, that should probably be left alone... Much like the franchise itself. If it wss a one and done, they could have ended it with "maybe trying to make ANOTHER park was a terrible idea, let's not do this again"

  14. I'd go as far as to say that Jurassic World is the best JP movie besides the original. JW2 sucked, I skipped JW3

  15. Hell yeah boys I'm all for this. Regardless of how classless Miami fans have acted all week, Tua is still awesome.

  16. Suspend McDaniel for a year while you're at it. He was complicit in the "My BaCk" lie and he's the dipshit who put Tua on the field.

  17. Fuck that team bro. 2 concussions in 5 days could kill him.

  18. recency bias is insane haha like how are Burrow and Herbert already top 10

  19. Put ebay special tiny racecar door mirrors on my old NA Miata instead of getting factory bubbly door mirrors. They were hideous, leaked water into the doors, and generally wasn't worth the miniscule cash savings.

  20. I had a pretty rough extremely high mileage example of a 3rd gen 4runner (Limited) that had a host of electrical issues and liked to pop coolant hoses. Almost always started though.

  21. To be imminently replaced with that roblox EV FJ thing I hope

  22. If they had spent a bit more on styling, they could have nailed this generation of vehicles.

  23. I don't know who Adam Levigne is, but my wife informed me he got caught cheating or something. I feel like memes are just inside jokes that I'm not a part of.

  24. He's the singer of the awful pop band Maroon 5. Known for having terrible tattoos. Did a really shitty super bowl halftime once upon a time.

  25. Doesn't your fan base worship Romo? He only has one more playoff win than Dak

  26. They all hated Romo when he played. Cowboys fans don't know how good they've had it at the position.

  27. Dak is a top 8-12 QB when healthy, top-5 upside in spurts. It's his job.

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