1. If you’re on PlayStation tap the down arrow when you have it equipped.

  2. what’s the building? A prison?

  3. One more game for the never-ending backlog. I'm never catching up

  4. I have this little palm size cordless screwdriver that I bought maybe 20 years ago. I can still leave that thing sitting around not charging for the better part of a year and when I need it, it'll still work long enough to get most small jobs done. It's sentimentally become my favorite tool.

  5. Did the 'walk audit' just primarily walk through the shopping center?

  6. Turn off HDMI link in the settings and it won't keep pulling the tv back to the console when you do things

  7. I do this but with podcasts. I know where I should be when certain podcasts end

  8. Yup. NPR's Up First podcast has a pretty consistent length. I want to be out of the shower by the time it wraps up (at 1.5x speed)

  9. NO ACTIVE SHOOTER. Can't quite figure out rest of details from News

  10. Mine keeps jumping on my lap when I’m racing in GT7 and keeps getting smacked by the wheel 😂

  11. I ordered the G29 setup. Any ideas on what frame is the way to go for mounting it? I’m a big guy.

  12. Ha! It took me MONTHS to stop shifting into "first gear" at a stop when I got an automatic. It was (well, still is) a Prius, and much as I hate the little backup beep I refused to turn it off, because of the countless times it reminded me that I was not, in fact, shifting to first. (I did switch it to a single beep, though. No need to go completely insane.)

  13. That was the first thing I had to do in my prime. The backup beeping was THE WORST.

  14. Fucking crooks. I’m not mad they’re going down but just the fact they can nip 68% off shows how much of a fugazi it all is

  15. Feels like they realized they overstepped in January and now are trying to cover their asses.

  16. I am looking forward to Engage... probably my next game to play after Rabbids. (If I can ever get the switch away from the kids)

  17. California Burrito (you should be able to narrow it down even more than the name already does)

  18. Highly recommend Hunt for the Wilderpeople to anyone. I think netflix has it right now

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