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  1. Why do there need to be "storylines". It's supposed to be a sport not a soap opera.

  2. ...What? Sports have storylines.

  3. Fast dog and all, but goddamn that's a strong throw.

  4. Wow, sounds like someone could use the

  5. I used to get trapped in a similar situation semi-regularly. The heat was crushing and definitely lead to some claustrophobia and trauma after a while.

  6. You, a human being, got stuck under blankets semi-regularly?

  7. Please stop using helmet cams, they're awful. Especially with the new car. This seasons cars have been a massive disappointment and adding giggly, unfocused cameras makes it worse.

  8. I know you're trolling, but do tell how the cars have been a "massive disappointment" this year

  9. The amount of free content that Microsoft continues to pump out for this game is really fantastic. 12 new aircraft in a free update (including a study-level A-310!). It's also great to see that they're adding a bunch of older planes, which was the only thing I felt the base game was really missing.

  10. What does "study-level" mean?

  11. Recent fan of F1 here! There is a lot of talk about silly season, are they referring to this season in particular or this time of the season? Feels like I’m missing out on some basic meaning of all the memes, please advice

  12. Silly season is when all the seats swap around, it's a period of time that occurs every year.

  13. That's a gorgeous rise. You didn't use any bread flour for this?

  14. Do something about the massive feral population and stop thinking that people's domestic cats are the problem. It's like blaming individuals for climate change when companies are responsible for over 70% of it.

  15. If anyone is looking for a solution, you can just paste the url into the search box and open it that way. No indication in the UI about this, but it does work.

  16. I want to leave my default apps the way they are, I just want to be able to force sync to open certain links like I could before.

  17. He's great, just too bad that Professional Rat Gregg Turkington committed so much medical fraud through him.

  18. Piastri and Zhou are both likely without a seat for 2023, not to mention two of Vips/Lawson/Gasly/Tsunoda. I’d much prefer any of those to Schumacher if I were either of Haas or Ferrari.

  19. I wish MS would have some sort of VR option on the Xbox because I really don’t want to have to buy a PC just to play this game in VR. Why can’t they allow Quests to be used on the Series X like on PC? The VR mode looks incredible!

  20. No way Xbox has enough power to render 20 cars in VR at 90hz. You need a high end PC to get decent framerates in VR iRacing, a console is just not gonna cut it.

  21. Each car having its own sponsors. Would make team orders harder to make (a sponsor would not like to see its car slowing down to a car of other sponsor pass by, even if they are from the same team)

  22. This sorta happened with Haas last year. Schumacher had 1&1, Mazepin had Moscow State University.

  23. Except that the cars were still identical in terms of livery.

  24. I find this to be reasonable. I used touch screen and keyboard and was able to get up to 2000 (not very impressive but still decent enough). I can totally buy someone using a controller on ovals.

  25. China has some really stunning geography. Nine photo!

  26. On the west coast, I turned on my TV at about 3:02PM. I looked at my phone right after the finish, and it was about 8:58.

  27. Hard to when they’re never consistent.

  28. You're complaining about them taking steps to fix that problem. That's the whole point of precedence.

  29. They are supposed to use it all, not as soon as they get it then complain about needing more.

  30. I think you're being intentionally misleading. It's more like you spent $10 on breakfast and then inflation increased the price of dinner from $9 to $12.

  31. I’m not even kidding when I say that the thing that made me more nervous about my first time having sex was how my face looked in that exact same position; I truly look horrendous. Even to this day, I still avoid looking at someone from above (during sex or in normal life situations) as much as I possibly can.

  32. Why is above so much worse than how you normally look?

  33. It's 2022 and you're defending a monarchy

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