1. Is Emily Anthony? I thought it was just a random intern and I just realized it’s Anthony. That’s crazy to think about that he’s completely changed his gender.

  2. What happened now? Who’s face is that?

  3. https://www.aljazeera.com/amp/news/2023/5/23/man-arrested-after-crashing-truck-into-barrier-near-white-house

  4. I really like this one for the value. Not too many compromises

  5. I would suggest to get 7950X as it has similar performance as 13900K but much better upgrade path.

  6. I think spending 1700 on a 1440p monitor is ridiculous. Doesn’t matter what the panel is. Also the 13900k has better productivity performance

  7. Website shows that there are some incompatibilities. Is it conjecture or is it something I need to worry about?

  8. Does the case come with network connectivity capability? Also, is the cooling sufficient for the build?

  9. The cooling is sufficient. If you mean network capability by Wi-Fi, then no. You would have to buy a cheap adapter for like 20-30 dollars for that. If you mean, Ethernet, then yes, the motherboard has Ethernet. All motherboards do

  10. Due to the prices of used hardware. Even saving up a little will go a long way. I would save up 100-200. Then I would get this and a used gpu like a rx580 or a 5600/5600xt or 5700/5700xt

  11. Check out Lyte gaming pc I got my last two pre builts and they work amazingly

  12. Lyte is a scam. They get customers with advertising and rgb

  13. Hmm what’s the scam? My pc works so damn good I’m actually interested to know

  14. Well what are your specs and how much did you pay. They almost always don’t have good pricing. Not saying it’s a bad pc. Just overpriced

  15. My recommendation would be this. I also included a good 1440p monitor as well

  16. I would get a cheap mini pc like this and then get a monitor

  17. This will give you the same exact performance as your build but for much less

  18. I would get 2x16 3600 because it is so cheap right now

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