1. Yeah, i live in there. (But i did not make the costume tho)

  2. Holy Foldy, you found the original image! Also hi! And yeah, i posted the design in the discord server because i wanted it be more hilarious, and i wish it was canon tho, but thanks for reposting it! (Would you mind giving me credit as well? Thanks!)

  3. Wait, the gun can be attached to the Desire Driver? (since they have those pins, maybe a super form for the sponsors in a future episodes?)

  4. You can even see hinges on it, it’ll definitely have some kind of mode change

  5. I think the castle could be the caucasus motif, and it could be

  6. Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay & Chile bid. We must recreate the 100th anniversary from the first ever WC, played in Uruguay.

  7. The henshin item is retooled from Ryuki Survive item...

  8. So he is a 4-times champion,right? (Wonder if there would be a prequel to this.)

  9. Now we can pair with the Revice Driver Buckle to see the best match!

  10. “I want to have kids with Tsumuri.”

  11. I kinda like the form,but the coloring doesn't fit tho...

  12. Na-go's main color is black. The gold is just accent color like the pink and blue.

  13. This drawing reminds me from one of the Ex-BFDI wiki users named "Garrett the Wolf 2007"... (not offending your drawing style,but kinda giving the the visions of it. Garret is still a bad user due to opinion disrespecting)

  14. My guesses of Geats final form:

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