1. I remember reading somewhere that during the 18/1900s, just around the time the Industrial Revolution took off, women started working in factories. They would work full day shifts along with the men, come home and then the men would get to put their feet up and the women had to clean/cook. It would go on like this until Sunday, when she'd finally get to rest for half a day before she had to start up again.

  2. I'm not a graphic designer by any stretch of the imagination, but that UI was driving me nuts. This isn't brilliant, but at least it's a bit more User friendly.

  3. I totally agree that lack of QA/general play testing across platforms has to be a part of the picture with HT:EVR. The evidence for this increased for me recently when I attempted to play Windstorm: An Unexpected Arrival on Switch earlier this week, from the same studio as HT:EVR (Aesir Interactive) and it had a game breaking bug in one of the first quests that would clearly have been evident if anyone had play tested it. It seems this studio relies on customers paying to play test their incomplete/broken products 👀

  4. " It seems this studio relies on customers paying to play test their incomplete/broken products"

  5. Ah yes, gamers expecting too much, like a functional game that doesn't have high priority bugs in it. /s

  6. LOLLOL!!! How dare we be so difficult to please!

  7. I liked the story from the first game. Agent turned survivor decides to help the people in the quarantine zone. Second one, yeah... it didnt live up to what it could have been.

  8. I didn't mind the idea but the execution was awful.

  9. If you stand in front of the maze, there's a hill on your right. With a little smart jumping you can get up there and then you can jump on top of the maze.

  10. The game itself was objectively not terrible. I understand if you weren’t a fan of how the story was told but the gameplay, mechanics, variety of weapons, graphics, dialogue and voice acting, etc. was anything but terrible.

  11. The story was objectively terrible. As for the mechanics, and actual gameplay that was fine.

  12. According to Americans, that just makes her more American XD

  13. No but they’re the first most likely candidate

  14. Lacky: "Don't push that button Mr President! It will launch all of our nuclear weapons!"

  15. Don't worry, I played Ranch of Rivershine for about 10 minutes and have been sitting here pretty well unable to do anything for an hour now, cause it made me motion sick 😩

  16. This is so weird! I get very easily motion sick, and it didn't trigger me this time at all XD I'll have to rewatch some of my footage. Sometimes when you watch others play it becomes more potent.

  17. I'm glad it didn't bother you! I'm definitely used to games that have a more static camera / not as fast & janky. I'm gonna attempt to play with the settings, but honestly even Planet Zoo did the same thing to me. It's really annoying

  18. Oh damn! You're a LOT more sensitive to it than I am! You could try to desensitize yourself first? There are some tricks you could try.

  19. So, the rest of the story is complete bogus. But the weird thing is, I can believe that people are this stupid. Esepcailly teens.

  20. I could be wrong, but what I'm seeing here is also the possible other side of the spectrum:

  21. As a person who is quite negative on SSO myself, I do agree that people have been overly negative towards the game in recent months. I feel like nothing they do is good enough. I'm thinking of doing a video about the positive parts they accomplished this year.

  22. Unless there's one I'm not aware of, it didn't. I just updated it a few days ago!

  23. That's the one I'm talking about! The game is a complete disaster.

  24. Yes. As long as the story 'earned' it.

  25. This is all meaningless and only theological justification used after the worship of Saints was rejected by Martin Luther.

  26. Then lets ignore easter and christmas and simply look at Catholics vs most other churches.

  27. I think worshiping false idols is the least of the Catholic Church's problems.

  28. When a car swerves, it would hit the guy first so the woman feels safer.

  29. I did not know that. I wish I still didn't. I am now depressed.

  30. It’s weird that people are assuming that you mean people should treat their daughters on the opposite end of this idea, I didn’t get that from your post at all. Basically, spoiling and coddling your kids, guy or girl, is detrimental to their development, that’s not that hard to understand! That doesn’t mean you can’t treat your kids well, while also raising them to learn proper developmental and life skills. It also doesnt mean that a lack of coddling and spoiling results in the parents becoming violent or abusive.

  31. "Countries that have a moon on their flag and countries that CLAIMED TO have a flag on the moon."

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