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I'm in this with you.

To pay respects.

I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

Prayers up for the blessed.

*Lowers face into palm*


  1. Im on a similar journey right now. Solo queued Diamond 2 to ascendant 3 in one act with shit mmr. Fitting in as many quality games as I can before the act ends. Watching woohoojin helped me alot and sticking to one role has made me consistent.

  2. In the current state of val its doesnt look like any t1 na team will sign yay for next year either. Things could change by champs ofc but it seems every franchised team has at least one star duelist already.

  3. Idk Magepunk is just kind of middle of the pack to me for premium skins. Its more steampunk without much magic and the electricity doesnt feel that powerful. Maybe im just more used to the bassier guns

  4. Oc14 please my have to use pillows as cushionigg bc for my current chair because of how hard it is

  5. If SEN win 2-1 is it still possible??

  6. They might as well throw and give furia sum points literally pointless to play at this point

  7. So its back in stock but the sales over πŸ˜’. How convenient

  8. CEO of Sentinels tweeting Coach changes but the official Sentinels Account doesn't give any info about this. No graphic, no official (tweet not a reply) thank you. Just a "tEnZ iS bAcK" and here is our starting lineup. Is this org just here for the twitter likes?

  9. Thought about it more and I think a departure tweet just looks bad for the player and the org. Especially when the fans are just gonna celebrate it.

  10. hard pass on the shoes. got the jacket mostly because i have a background in martial arts. feel like it would go better with sandals anyway. Just feels wrong with dress shoes.

  11. 20 years old, D1 peak D3 player. I play smokes, mostly omen and viper. Watch alot of woohoojin to get my neurons firing. I have a very flexible schedule. NA west servers. Feel free to msg me on discord jcuh#1200

  12. Would just shell out the extra $100 for a brand new one. Pass.

  13. They better be careful because AMD is invested in pushing the needle on both.

  14. For west coast, just place an order online for pickup if it comes in stock. You can cancel and reorder instore for the discounted price. Seems like most of the employees know about it already.

  15. Funny how r1 started out as a budget foam dependent board that quickly got outclassed (by wuques own zoom line no less). For $259 this just seems way overpriced in the current keeb market. Putting pro in the name is also just cringey, doesnt show a whole lot of confidence in the product just cheap marketing tactics.

  16. Zoom series materials and finishes are not even comparable to gingko. I wouldn't use the word outclass. For people who like the design I think it's quite fair priced

  17. Plenty of 65% boards with better value than the ginkgo. The zoom, jris, envoy, and qk are all great options for under $200. Something that is marketed for beginners thats $60 more just isnt worth it imo, especially if the sound relies on foam.

  18. Youre not missing out on much tbh this deal is pretty meh

  19. This bundle has rocked for me so far. Been using it since it was first posted a few weeks ago. Make sure to do the 25 off CPU coupon so you can get it for 574.99

  20. What happened with mechmerlin will always leave a bad taste in my mouth. Keycult qc is awful and honestly, I could forgive that as long as they had extras to compensate. Its crazy to me that a brand this big cant plan ahead for these eventualities.

  21. Lots of machining marks and stains on the inside. Which would be unacceptable for other makers/vendors. But bc they are internal keycult doesnt care. See brass weight it looks especially bad.

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