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  1. I started with excel..... But then I decided to move it all into a database and use Grafana for my dashboards/data....

  2. I say this jokingly because I don’t know anyone else who will remember it. But zoobomafoo? The krat brothers dvd show with the lemurs.

  3. Who could it be? This animal that I did see, let me take a guess and solve this mystery!

  4. Sleep training is important from the start. Putting them down crying sucks, but ultimately not picking them up right away helps. My wife looked some articles up and it's related to time in between going in each time.

  5. That's really cool! It is a great way to meet random people, usually in an already positive mood.

  6. Looks cool! The only thing I have to add is potentially highlighting the character outline when under a wave

  7. My exp. bank of America just flat out doesn't work. Idk what bank you are using but I had to set up a new account at a different local bank for it to work

  8. I'll start with the usual, read the sidebars, do some research etc.

  9. Thrice - The illusion of Safety > The Artist in the Ambulance > Vheissu

  10. Mine have also not been working. I must check the app or site to see if I have any updates. I did the eBay app update from the app store but with no success.

  11. do you guys want to win the Super Bowl or not lol. Trey returning would kill our team's chances of that. IDK why fans have more faith in Trey than Jimmy, it's so annoying.

  12. I agree that if Trey came back this year, the chemistry by that time would be different. Imo, Jimmy can be good, but in the past years, we haven't really played his type of football. He needs a pocket and he doesn't get that. I think this year it's been a bit different, along with him training on his bottom half, since he's shoulder was hurt this year.

  13. From my understanding, the thought is Trey is out for the year. He’ll be “recovered” by one of the end of the season weeks (like week 17 or 18,) but won’t be in “football shape” and I’m sure he’ll be pretty “rusty” for an inexperienced QB that already NEEDS reps.

  14. Yeah that's also a good point. I read online that broken ankles would put him at the end of the season, but yes, he would still need to practice etc. I'm thinking Trey is most likely out this season too then.

  15. That's awesome. I still haven't built mine but this is some motivation!

  16. Congrats! Buy a space blanket. It will entertain them for months to come.

  17. I had an issue with target when the switch was released. We pre-ordered one and the next few days we received a similar email. What we found out is if your bank account goes under the amount of the purchase AT ANY TIME they would cancel orders.

  18. Atlanta could be a trap game. They have been before. We need to not look past them too hard.

  19. Being a ATL native (but faithful since birth) they ALWAYS upset us.... Nevertheless I'm trying to get tickets to go. Lol

  20. The power cable that plugs in the wall looks similar to the one that came with the Steam Deck (may even be the same), the one from the dock to the deck is probably 6in or so.

  21. Everybody's posting these with the plastic on it, is that all it ships in? No box?

  22. Haha. It's a plain box with only the shipping label saying Valve Corp. Way better than the first round for the steam decks.

  23. Dont forget to always include your initial purchase price in your price. Some people don't count initial investment which means you are actually not making as much money as you may think.

  24. I thought it didn't apply fully to most vehicles because of raw materials not sourced from US? Definitely considering tax credit.

  25. Leased a 2021 (last year) and the sticker price was 42k but they took off the $7500 federal rebate from that, then calculated the lease price. Just make sure the rebate is honored with the manufacturer and you'll be good.

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